Chess Pieces: Shopping

  • Apologies for the delay - access issues with the forum stopped me posting on Sunday. This is one of a short series of pieces around two competing organisations from 2009 (I think).




    Chess Pieces


    The invitation had been mailed directly to her home address. She hadn’t had much chance to go shopping since moving to the city so any chance she had to take advantage of such a situation was to be grasped with both hands. Looking closely at the invite again she realised that it was going to be an appointment with one of the personal shoppers – if she played this right she might be able to set up an account at the fashionable department store.

    By the time she had reached the store, she was already fifteen minutes late. Rushing to catch the elevator, she almost dropped her invite as she fished it out of her clutch bag. Sliding between the doors just before it was too late, she smiled at the other occupants of the lift.

    “Phew, almost missed it!” She said.


    The personal shopper department of the store was located on the top floor and was an opulent display of marble and glass. Her heels echoed against the floor as she walked along it, approaching the desk and the blonde haired assistant standing behind it. Too much fake tan, she thought as she handed the card to the assistant.

    “Hi, I’m Ella Springer, I have an appointment at seven.” She sheepishly said. “I’m really sorry I’m late.”

    “That’s okay Miss Springer,” The assistant replied. “I’m Justine Bionde. I’ve been waiting for you. If you’ll follow me, we can get started.”


    Ella had spent an hour going through dresses, skirts, blouses, shoes and boots. Having made her decisions on most of her purchases, she was just waiting for Justine to return with the lingerie. The assistant bought in a wide selection of items for Ella to try on. In turn, Ella ventured off to the changing rooms, admiring the selection that the assistant had picked out for her.

    Once she was in the room, she was quickly down to her underwear when she heard the door to the changing room open.

    “Hold on, I’m still getting…” Ella said moments before two hands grabbed her shoulders and pushed her into the wall of the changing room. Her head bounced off the wall, stunning her temporarily and causing her to lose her footing. She cried out as several quick kicks were driven into her ribs, then someone grabbed her pony tail, pulling her head up by the roots of her hair. Ella just saw the kick coming towards her face with enough time to turn her head slightly, directing the blow into the side of her head rather than her face. Whoever was attacking her let go of her hair, letting her body slump down onto the cold changing room floor.

    “I thought a Rook would be harder than this,” Ella recognised the voice – it was the personal shopper Justine. She managed to focus – the blonde was standing over her, flexing her hands together. “However, you’ve no idea what this means to a Pawn like me.”

    “Oh, I can guess,” Ella replied, gathering her wits about her and powering her leg outward and upward, catching Justine in the groin. As her attacker doubled over she smashed her foot up into Justine’s face. Ella struggled to her feet and grabbed the first thing she found to hand: a rather nice and extremely expensive Agent Provocateur bra. She slugged Justine in the face with a powerful left hook, sending her spinning away from the changing room. “However, I’m not done just yet,”

    Ella took full advantage of Justine’s stunned state, expertly wrapping the bra around her neck and pulling hard. She kicked out at Justine’s knee, adding her own body weight to the effect the makeshift garrotte was having on her attacker. “Looks like you’re about to be taken out of the game,” Ella said as Justine’s body flailed around, her arms grabbing at Ella’s hands. “I’d love to hang around and shop some more, but I think I’ve got everything I need now.”

    The gurgling sounds from Justine’s throat were becoming weaker as Ella increased the pressure on the garrotte. Ella held on for a few more minutes once Justine’s arms had flopped lifelessly to her sides, just to be certain. As she unwrapped the bra from the pretty but very dead agent’s neck she noticed the price tag.

    “Wow, fifty percent off – I’m definitely taking this one home with me.”

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