Pole Dancer Kicks Ass

  • It's as good as getting a new Kickasskandy. The spin kicks are so sexy

  • I am not serious. I do have to admire your tenacity.

  • @Jacques you're kidding right? :D It took about six months to get that sorted out - and don't even start me on a few sites where my stories have been posted under someone else's name - that's a ballache to sort out.

    Interested to see your custom when it's released.

  • So, no royalties? Anyway my custom starring Montana is far superior to this clip.@Mark

  • @Jacques that sounds like a particular adult producer who took a story I wrote and turned it into a 10 minute clip without permission or credit :D

  • Hey, they stole the story line from my yet to be released custom.

  • administrators

    She's cool!!

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