Halloween Party

  • it's halloween night and Sienna, Brooke and Aish decide to go to a party in a London club together.

    Aish and Brooke have fun dancing and drinking but Sienna no ... it seems almost sad.

    -Brooke: "Sienna why are you sad? aren't you having fun?"

    -Sienna: "it's a nice night but it seems that something is missing"

    -Aish: "I know what you need .. keep the car keys ... and go get the cigarettes I left on the seat! "

    Sienna leaves the club and goes to her car but suddenly notices three shadows behind her, she turns and sees three gangsters in front of her.

    One of the three approaches her and starts stroking her cheek and says "hey b***h, do you want to have some fun with us?"

    She looks at him with a smile and then she spits in his face forcing him to back off.

    "I'll get you b***h" yelled one of the other gangsters and immediately tries to punch her, Sienna blocks him and with a knee hits him in the stomach forcing him to fall to his knees.

    After that she puts him in a sleeper hold which causes him to pass out on the ground.

    The other two surround her (one in front and one behind her) and try to hit her at the same time, but with a split he manages to avoid both hits and from that split position she punches them in the balls.

    The two criminals struggle to breathe from the low blows but they still manage to stand up but stagger.

    At this point sienna gets up and hits the man behind her with an elbow hit in the face and the one in front with an headbutt in the nose (reproduced in the drawing) which makes them both fall unconscious to the ground.

    After hearing the noise, brooke and aish run out to see what happened and they see Sienna very happy in a victory position above the bodies of the criminals.

    -Sienna: "here's what was missing ... some Kickasskandy action!"

  • Impressive. Most impressive...

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    I love this site! Lot's to draw inspiration from.

  • i commissioned it from https://madtomy.com/

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    That is one hell of a party to get Aish, Sienna AND Brooke to attend... but you're right, what's a party without a back alley brawl. Great illustration, who did that?@KhalilMack52

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