• Another of my old customs. I've posted most of those on this site now as a way of storing them under my profile there.

  • @kandyman It's shite when they go to the wall - I remember it was about 2006 when I got my first custom from Iron Noise and it blew my mind back in the day. Seeing something I'd written converted into film was just surreal. The KAK custom I had done is still the gold standard in my book.

    Yeah - when the KAK site converted to paying a set amount per video things seemed to go mental! The original version of the discussion board went out of their minds about it, forecasting doom and gloom from what I recall, predicting your demise within 12 months :D I'd always worked on paying £1 per minute for each video - which was the same approach I'd taken with Iron Noise as well - and when you think about it, that's not far off the cost of a video here now. You look at third party hosting sites and they are charging $25-30 a video to purchase for maybe 6-8 minutes of content. I still have fond memories of AJ in a catsuit & goons in orange jumpsuits :) I also remember plugging KAK on the old Spy Femmes Fatale and RBG Production boards in Yahoo groups to try and drive some traffic in this direction. Again, that's two places that have either closed down completely (RBG) or have been taken over by other people and they are just shells for malware (Spy Femmes Fatales).

    I'm not sure where the landscape with all this lies these days - I can name 10 producers off the top of my head that have called it quits in the last 10 years unfortunately with Cross The Line Entertainment finally closing down in 2019 - so keep on going for as long as you can. Those folks still making customs tend to be in eastern Europe now. While their prices are dirt cheap, all the feedback I've seen about them is that you never know if you're going to get what you've paid for & the production standards are...homemade at best. I've written a couple of scripts for people to have converted into movies and they rarely meet the client's expectations :(

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    I'm always sorry to see other Producers go out of business and I was aware of the work of Iron Noise and BOTS, it's a real shame it ended so badly. I can't believe you remember the original incarnation of KAK with it's honour system too! I remember the trolling i got too when i switched to a pay site but there was no way we could have kept going on that model.

  • @kandyman no, not anymore - Iron Noise ceased trading 10+ years ago. Last conversation I had with Jerrell Edwards was probably 6 years ago - he got out of the business of making customs and videos as there a) wasn't a profit margin in them anymore, b) he could only get his wife to be his primary actress, and c) he had lost the urge to make videos anymore. I purchased a bunch of his unreleased videos from him for a few hundred dollars at that point because he was having some financial issues & he said he was done with it all and do whatever I wanted with them - just don't sell them to Brian Williams (ha ha ha). I've never posted those videos anywhere. I've never had a reply from him from the various "how are you doing?" type emails I've sent him over the years since, which is a shame as he's a fellow comic book nerd.

    He never put his stuff up on Clips4Sale or any of those third party retailers as he would lose money on them that way - I think he said he needed to put them on for close to $30 a piece on there to make it financially viable and that would have just killed any sales on that site anyway. I remember he was using the honour system to begin with (remember that in the early days of KAK???) then switched to a subscription model for of about $15 a month.

    There are a few clips on - however they were...posted under somewhat sketchy circumstances. Brian refused to take them down when Jerrell contacted him about it and things got ugly between them. I know that BOTS tried to copy the post-apocalyptic type stuff that Jerrell was making - War and Worship I think they were called - but even that seems to have vanished from all the normal third party sites and you can only get them by purchasing them through sketchy download links on MEGA. You might as well ask someone to infect your computer and take all your information.

    It's abit like ChokeChamber - Michelle shut down the site in 2017 as she just wasn't making any financial progress with the videos she was making and pulled the videos from Clips4Sale - the site reappeared about a year ago but it's a virus ridden shell site nowadays. There seems to be a shelf life for this sort of content, both in terms of originality and consumer base. I get that - there's only so many scenarios you can come up with for this stuff.

    Man, that's a long response! Ha ha ha - I could waffle on about that for ages. In a nutshell, no, you can't buy the clips anymore due to the fact the sites have shut down & the players are out of the game..

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    Hi Mark, can i ask if this Custom is available for purchase on a paysite? if so, i'm afraid i have to take it down as we shouldn't really allow free clips from someone else's business.



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