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    We're at a bit of a crossroad my friends, it seems Community Forums are becoming obsolete because most people now use Social Media to perform the same functions. Personally I like the direct link from the site to be able to chat to you all and although we are a presence on Twitter we don't use it as such for communication. So, the question is, do you still want the forum or shall we take the chat to Twitter? I ask because the expense of building a forum is now quite high and it may not have all the functionality you'd expect but if you guys want it then i'll champion it. Let me know your thoughts!


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    I hear ya! I will try and create a new forum, i really do like it myself.

  • Yes, stealthily flying under the radar is good. I do have a DG Twitter account so could just continue my 'superhero' guise there but the Forum is a special space.

    Ps. max-91f............indeed he is.

  • I love the forum as it gets the anonymity to post comments and even develop some really good group discussion, and topics. But if you move to Twitter I know we’d adapt. 😃

  • I agree completely with max-91f, actually he may have stolen my words, ☺. The issue for me is anonymity on Twitter. Also is there a risk of inappropriate comments similar to what is posted on the other forums as well as social media? @kandyman

  • I like the forum to be honest, also understand that there is not a lot of activity (but simply because we're not so much users, we are several but its not like other forums). Personally i like to comment here (instead of social media) because these likes I have with your productions, as with other productions more that i follow too, they are what some (maybe) call them my secret likes, and to be in twitter (in my case for example) is like a way to having to stop commenting (or having to create a secret account hehe)

    whatever decision you take K'man will be the best if it works to you because I also understand the responsibility of having to maintain a forum its not easy.

    *i also... read well what @Dizzy-Goon wrote? I guess that Santa Goon is coming to town sooner than expected 🤪

  • @kandyman

    Personally I LOVE the forum but I do see that nowadays it is used ‘sparingly’.

    I, for one, would be sad to see it go but equally I don’t have to fund it!!

    Don’t scrub it before the 3rd (pre Christmas) DG Quiz……sugar…did I say that out loud?! 😬

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