Bad Ass Kandy launch?

  • Hey, Spring is already here, so we are ready to be witness of the great Bad Ass Kandy launch!.

    I am looking forward for it, and I am wondering when it will be.

    I hope Sydney is one of the girls. We have not seen her in long time and for me Sydney and Vixen are the girls that fit the best those great catsuits outfit.

    In additon, having that name: Sydney Vicious she just could have turned to the dark side.

    Kandyman, can you give us any clue about the launch date and the girls?

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    lol :) very funny Jay

  • Will you give us 2011 atleast? :P

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    Don't hold me to it but i'm hoping it will happen in the month of April. Sssshhhhhh. Possibly May too.

  • I must admit that I keep checking these boards looking for a release date.

    Although when I really think about it…suspense is a very, very good thing. :)

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    I'd say Spring is more April than March? and who's to say that the Bad Ass Gang would be Kandygirls?

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