• SUCKER PUNCH …...............................

    To give you a brief rundown on the movie, its very much a special effects orientated flick and in a similar style to that of The Matrix, it combines quick moving action scenes with sudden different camera angle changes, making it sometimes difficult to see whats happening and they also use a fair few of those slow motion effects half way through a scene to highlight things like bullets coming out of a gun barrel.

    There are four lengthy battle scenes that feature the girls annihilating everything in there path but mainly using guns mixed with a bit of sword play, other than a few gymnastic style leaps and twists in the air there wasnt much in the way of any karate or hand to hand combat skills unfortunately.

    The story is based upon a young girl condemned to the nut house who along with 5 other inmates basically escape to this fantasy world that she creates in her head. :rley:

    So again very similar to The Matrix, not only in the special effects style but having a story line no one understands.

    It is fairly action packed as a whole and yes has some spectacular looking scenes that make the movie worth watching but most of the combat action is filmed in dim dark settings with alot of quick scene changes that does make it frustrating to watch at times.

    The clips are quite lengthy which explains the file sizes
    1,2,3,4 are long battle scenes and 5 is a short stabbing. - 111mb - 160mb - 120mb - 136mb - 24mb

    Hope you enjoy

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    Awesome post my friend, top marks for presentation. I saw the trailer a while ago and did wonder if it would deliver, I guess we now know!


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