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    Silver just gets better and better….

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    What in depth reviews my friends, thank you, this really helps works out what the most popular aspects of KAK are so we can do them again and again! Silver is one of the most naturally gifted fighting machines in the organisation, there is literally nothing she can't do and i'm glad you all love our Scouse operative, Foxy, she's hard as nails.

    Just got back from a fantastic shoot with Kix and a new girl who you are going to absolutely adore!

  • Yes, this one was outstanding in many ways. The actions scenes were continuous – not punctuated by pauses. The music fit the action perfectly. Great synchronizing, there. There was lots of leg (super short mini, and short shorts -- awesome). The ladies were super in their fight choreography. I'm a fan of punches in the fight scenes, and both Foxy and Silver delivered the goods, big time. I loved the scene where Foxy catches the big guy's fist and performs the crush . . . a display of pure brute strength. And once she gets her guy down, she continues pouring it on -- beautifully brutal! It reminded me of a scene in another KAK movie where Kix grabs a downed bad guy by the collar (while she's taking on two henchmen at the same time) and delivers three open-palmed smashes to his face, completely demolishing him before she struts toward the last guy to finish him off, too. -- Foxy was fantastic. The same goes for Silver. What a killer outfit! And the neck-breaking scene -- well, I'm sure that will resonate very well with a number of the fans who have been requesting this. Very hot, all around. In my view, this one is very near the top, if not at the very top, of the entire KAK collection. Great job!

  • I really liked Foxy in this, especially that first fight where she was relentlessly destroyed the guy. I also liked her boots and her outfit, and her accent. :P

    Silver is absoloutely perfect for a Bad girl role, she was awesome in this. The tie-up scene and the way she strutted away during one of the scenes were my favourites. :)

  • Truly great movie, with some unique qualities… :) (Review added.)

  • Indeed she does! The cryptic ending where she says you'll find out and then looks into the camera with those beautiful big brown eyes.

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