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    To celebrate the opening of the KAK Custom Movie Department we have decided that Skybluemayo wins with "A Day in the Life of AJ…" We're going to follow AJ in a typical day on a typical mission but with one big difference, its going to be shot Documentary Style - for anyone familiar with David Attenborough's famous BBC Nature programmes, Ross Kemps anthroplogical studies of Gangs and Danny Dyers buffoonery with the Worlds Toughest Men AJ will be reporting to camera as she studies the behavioural patterns of one Evil Empire and talk us through every step of her mission as it happens. We'll shoot this at the weekend - can anyone think of a good name for it? Well done Skybluemayo.

  • Man Bites Kickass?

    You Are What You Kickass?

    Forget the docu title word play, just go with Quantum of Kickass!

  • Oh god if only I had money.

    My fantasy AJ film has already been documented in the story section (entitled The Favour)

    But the chance to decide what outfit she would wear, what setting and best of all, which moves and fighting style she would use would be a dream come true. Some lucky swine is going to have a very good time of it!

    (Hint Hint, I am a trained scriptwriter if the lucky winner needs any help, my only payment would be to see the finished film!)

  • Well… I don't know... this script has great moments, but I'd prefer much more kicking action and a little less Bruce Lee references...

  • Dear Panda it would be a dream a similar custom.

  • Kandyman apologies first. I hope I'm not wasting your time. I have never tried writing a scene before and probably have been very unrealistic. I also doubt I can afford the custom bill, but I've had a go anyway. The scene is inspired by classic martial arts fight scenes from Bruce Lee and Tony Jaa (all can be easily found on youtube). I have picked sections from these fight scenes where I think the athletic AJ could hopefully emulate in style - avoiding flying through the air type scenarios. I would love to hear loud piercing Bruce Lee like wwwwwhoa's as well from AJ - it helps stun the assailants. The outfit is based on a personal desire to see the sexuality of thigh high boots mixed with the power of a martial arts outfit and superiority that is symbolised by a karate or tae kwon do black belt.

    The Scene
    The scene opens with AJ straddled astride (sitting on) a large Japanese motorbike (I don't expect AJ to be able to actually ride the bike but seeing her sitting on the bike will give the impression). AJ is dressed in a white tae kwon do or karate gi top. Instead of the gi pants see is wearing black front lacing thigh high boots. Around AJs waist is a long, long black belt tied tight with ends that dangles to her knees. While on the motorbike AJ receives a phone call on her mobile. She is to break into a house and shut down a drug ring. The camera view changes to behind as AJ dismounts the motorbike teasing us with a glimpse of her tight arse and long boots.

    AJ strides up to the front of a house were two goons guard the door. As she stands in front of the two men one of the men foolishly throws a punch. AJ catches the punch in her hand before crunching his wrist backwards. As the man falls to his knees in pain she swings a round house kick into his head and quickly follows it up with an open palm strike to the face knocking him unconscious. As the second man approaches AJ does a spinning kick to his stomach crippling him in pain. She completes the first fight with a swift knee to the head. A wide camera shoots shows AJ standing dominantly above the two KO'd men.

    AJ enters the building. No sooner has she walked into the first room than a man grabs her from behind. In a whirlwind she thrusts her boot up backwards into his groin, as he releases his grip AJ knows exactly his position and follows this up with a reverse elbow to the mid rift and then two powerful back fists to the face dropping the opponent. As she does this action she releases a high pitched kee-ai like Bruce Lee. No sooner has she defeated one opponent when another grabs her from behind. (The next moves would emulate sections of Tony Jaa's fight in the movie Tom Yum Goong where he takes on a about 20 bad guys dressed in black). The assailant has his arms around AJ's chest. AJ grabs his fingers and bends them back breaking them give the man a look of agony on his face. She then twists his right arm over her head and across the assailants left arm. As he succumbs in agony she delivers a fatal back fist with another loud Bruce lee kee-ai. AJ's next move also emulates form the same Tony Jaa's fight in the movie Tom Yum Goong. Firstly a man attacks AJ from her left. He throws a head high punch with his open right arm which AJ blocks with ease with her left arm before counter attacking with a swift open right-handed karate chop to his left shoulder and then a short arm jab to his abdomen. AJ then quickly turns to her right where she instinctively launches a back elbow to a second man's face with her right elbow. Her right arm then quickly lowers to an open arm karate chop to his neck. This is followed up with a left arm jab to the stomach and a right pinch to the groin sending the man to the ground. AJ then quickly turns back to her left, where she grabs the assailant's right outstretched hand before pulling him down and delivering a brutal knee with her thigh boot to the face. AJ (still holding the man's right arm) then lifts her right leg up and over the crouching man's body and brings it down onto the man's left hand pinning him to the ground with the stiletto heel. In a brutal swift move with AJ releasing a loud kee-ai she twists the man' right arm back across her right thigh high booted leg with a loud snap and simultaneous cry of despair form the man.
    AJ now has the look of determination in here face as she strides forward into the room the next bad guy challenges AJ. Standing with her legs apart and hands on her hips, with her long black belt tightly around her waist, AJ absorbs a series of punches to the abdomen without flinching. Next the bad guy throws a punch to AJs head that has no affect. The bad guy then tries to throw another haymaker with his left arm only to have AJ catch the arm and use it to support her balance as she delivers a series of brutal head high machine gun kicks. With the bad guy stunned and AJ still holding onto his left arm she lifts the arm high in the high and spins underneath it before bringing the bad guys arm over her shoulder creating a sickening snapping sound as she breaks his arm. AJ finishes him off with a swift back fist.

    AJ's next fight is pure dominance (based on Bruce Lee's Enter the Dragon Fight Scene where he infiltrates the underground sanctuary of the bad guys. Its where Bruce is trying to pry open a pair of doors with his fingers, he then turns around and drops about 13 opponents with either single strikes or a block followed by a single blow all in quick succession). In this scene AJ would deliver perfectly timed double back fists into opponents faces, palm strikes to the face and throat of opponents in front of her, and elbows to the faces of attackers from the side. All the while delivering piecing Bruce Lee like kee-ai.

    AJs final fight scene is reminiscent of another great Bruce Lee fight form Enter the Dragon where he takes on a big white guy (I think he's called O'Hara). The bad guy breaks a wooden board and Bruce says "Boards don't hit back". Here I would have AJ use this classic line but change it to "Boards don't hit back but my boots do". Then just as in the original fight AJ and the bad guy would cross arms in starting position with each time AJ delivering a rapid strike to the face of the opponent. This would happen 3-4 times. With the last time AJ, having clearly won, turns and walks away. The opponent gets up and attempts to attack AJ from behind. As the bad guy throws a clumsy right punch AJ ducks below it before grabbing his right arm with her left hand and pulling him forward into a sharp reverse elbow strike to the abdomen. AJ then breaks loose turns around and gives no less than 5 spinning round house kicks to his head. Finally AJ finishes the goon off by standing dominatingly behind him and snapping his neck with a loud crack. The lifeless body falling forward.

    AJ is followed from behind by the camera as she struts out of the house to her motorbike. The scene closes from the front as AJ straddles the motorbike before making a call on her mobile to announce she has shut down the operation.


  • Ok Kandyman, I was just worried I had something out of order as I couldn't remember what I had said.

    I know it something to do about being in love with AJ, but what else is new.

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    Really sorry Kamach, we love your postings, you're a great friend to KAK. I accidentally replaced the old thread about AJ's return with this one, I meant to just replace my post. Sorry.

  • Did I say something bad, my last post has been deleted? I thought I had always very respectful.

  • Qhestion- How much money to get a film made? If multiple fans can agree on a script as some of us on here share similar tastes can we join together and chip in for a film?

    Members - Who would want to come up with something that fits in line with what I like (Have an idea for a superhuman AJ) though it wouldn't be treacherous with stunts or put AJ in danger. If anyone is interested let me know as I have an idea/plot for a movie with slow motion effects, the outfit, boots!, etc.

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