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    We thought you'd like to meet the newest recruit to the deadly Kick Ass Army - this is Bombshell, she's Blonde and has the most explosive fists since that guy who strapped semtex to his hands. She's 5'10 and knows how to wear a catsuit.

  • Kandy man can you agree with me and Panda and have more foot choke scenes in future movies??

  • Kandyman

    I would love nothing more than to see more foot chokes (with long boots) pinning guys on the wall in both films and photosets as well.


  • administrators

    Yes indeed dugf. These shots were part of a photoshoot that will be released one day.


  • Kandy man,

    can you release a photo set of bombshell which include these pictures above? I would love to see more foot chokes pinning guys on the wall.



  • Are you sure Bombshell is ony 5'10

    Looking at those pictures she looks more like 10'5 :lol:

    im certainly not complaining though and cant wait to see her in action

  • yes - Ms. Bombshell looks like the real deal - please throw a mini-skirt on her (or even a skin-tight hot pink catsuit) and let's see what she can do! (can't wait for the carnage) another superb addition to the KandyGirl lineup!

  • Please come out tomorrow!

  • administrators

    She's very much a Kick Ass Girl Kickfan, butter wouldn't melt in her mouth :)

  • is the lovely bombshell a badass kandygirl kandyman?

  • she's wearing the hell outta that catsuit, can't wait to see her dropping bombs on her unfortunate opponents

  • I think I may drown in my own drool.

    Wow, can't wait to see her take out a few those stuntmen.

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