• I wonder if it would be feasible to add subtitles french, even English, to understand everything said in this film.

    I'm not a super level of English, I understand the text but where talking is not as simple to understand everything 100%, especially since the acting has become increasingly important over time and that, tell me if I'm wrong, will still grow in importance thereafter.

    I doubt that we're not going to do that for myself, but if many people are in the same case as me, I think it could be a suggestion to remember!

    what do you think?

    In any case thank you and congratulations for your site that I read since its inception.

    PS : Sorry for my English and thanks to google translation! :rolleyes:

  • Hey, I want subtitles like that on the English version. That would be hilarious.

  • Hell I'd do it if I thought it would help our cousins on the continent support the KAK cause, but it would all be done through babelfish and therefore may go something like this.

    English version.

    Hi-Kix: Time for you to feel the wrath of the Kandyman, I'm gonna shut your operation down once and for all!

    French version through online translation.

    Hi-Kix: History for yourself and Bertie Basset. The milk trolley is countermanding my trousers archdeacon.

    Still, the offers there!

  • administrators

    Hi Spike

    You know what, I never even thought about this. It is a very good idea but in all honesty, I'm not sure I would have the time or skills to be able to do it. I throw it to the Kick Ass family though, is there anyone who fancies taking on the task?


  • very good idea ! i think so

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