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    Here's a question for you guys…. we've always released every second Friday (with the occassional exception) since we were born - averaging around 2 films a month.

    With the imminent creation of Bad Ass Kandy, what if we stopped the Friday releases and instead released every 10 days, alternating between KAK and BAK, increasing the average to 3 films per month? Will it confuse? do you like the routine? would you keep checking in anyway?

    Its only a thought because making 2 of our movies a month is a punishing schedule anyway.

    Please let us know what you think.



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    One day Mooncatt, one day. A day very far in the future but still, one day.

  • Will there be story arcs in both KAK and BAK that cross over to both sites? Just thinking aloud really but if you went for three releases roughly a month then each site could have one film based around the relevant characters and the last of the three films could feature both sites. So the final release each month would act as a payoff to the threads and story ideas laid out in the other two.

    Although that might get a bit complicated if you did it more than once!

  • holding my breath until it arrives - hope you don't lose a good customer

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    The cheque is in the post msemmapeel!

  • Kandyman - yes, of course - your work is admired and greatly appreciated. Even more amazing is that the films keep getting better and better! The camera angles, lighting, editing, and on and on…truly works of art! Other sites grow stale from lazy film making and repetition - not KAK! Always new and exciting! (wish i could get paid for saying this kind of stuff...or at least get a beat-down from a KandyGirl)

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    MsMappeal - we'd never release anything if it didn't pass the Kandyman's meticulous, almost obsessive quality control test! and I have no idea why i'm talking about myself in the 3rd person.

  • A film every 10 days. It's gonna be difficult…but I reckon we'll all manage. ;)

  • wasn't sure if this was a trick question. more KAK? will we still check in?? good or bad - who cares (and who will know until we see?)??? more of a question for kandyman - can he still produce the action and quality that KAK is known (and loved!) for? from me - yes, yes, yes…

  • Spoil away! It's their loss for not purchasing your great work :P

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    Variety is the spice of life eh! I'm hoping to bring BAK to you good people in the next 2-3 weeks…. I may release a little trailer towards the end of the week - don't want to spoil the surprise for anyone who hasn't bought To Catch a Kick Ass yet!


  • Hey Kandyman.

    It is a great idea to alternate films between Kick Ass Kandy and Bad Ass Kandy. Releasing a new video every ten days sounds fantastic! So, when will the Bad Ass Kandy launch will be? I am looking forward for it. I can´t wait to see the bad grils wearing catsuits and high boots and having more ball busting moves.

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    I'm still trying to work out your maths Mr Hoppy? There will never be a compromise on quality Panda, that you can be assured of - I've recently learnt that in the time it takes to create on Kick Ass film our Gallic competitors have made 5 and for every $20 we spend, they spend $1. We'll never compromise! :)

  • I would love more films BUT not at the expense of the quality we have all come to know and enjoy. As expectations only grow for the fight scenes to have new aspects and new moves I would imagine more time has to go into rehearsals and production. For me it's quality over quantity as I have an expectation that each new film will exceed the last (I'm rarely disappointed K'man)


  • What about every 10.5 days? Keep Kick Ass Friday and two weeks later have Bad Ass Monday (or Tuesday).

  • More films the better.

  • Agree w/ Kamach on more Kandy videos the better!

    How about a poll for our K Man to give him some budgetary figures?

    Maybe an incentive if enough people register and more actively post on this forum. Just a thought…

    My vote is 2 KAK & BAK videos a month but I also don't know how much work and time goes into each film so that is very easy for me to throw around that number.

    Lets hear from others!

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    Thanks Kamach.

  • If there are more films from Kandy productions I'm a happy man, don't mind when they come out as I look everyday anyway.

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