Multicultural Kandy

  • Kandyman,

    Candy by nature is of many different colours. I love all the Kandygirls so far but would love to see Kandygirls from other ethnicities. Britain is a multicultural country. I would love to see gorgeous girls from African, Asian, Indian or Latino backgrounds in catsuits, long leather gloves and thigh high boots kicking in heads. I would have thought that Chinese and Japanese girls would have "Kick Ass" in their genes naturally and would all be martial arts experts!



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    Hello kandyman

    Just a question?
    Shall see one day in a movie of kickass girls of colors?
    Is this diificile to find heroines black Arabic or Asian.

    He(It) esxiste a site with wonderful black women

    In the pleasure to read to you
    Saddened for my bad English

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    Lol. I'd say Ms Red, Ms Silver and Ms Gold are closer to Reservoir Dogs - not that i'm in any way, shape or form calling them Dogs - let me get that straight… I prefer my spine unsnapped.

  • She sounds stunning, I can't wait to see her. :)

    I'm concerned about all the colours for names, and that you're trying to re-create the power rangers or something. Remember, if that be the case, that there was a talented gymnast in the original power rangers. Or am I asking for too much? :P

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    Very funny DG, very funny :) If you guys like stunning, 5'10 Brazilian supermodels then you may like Bad Ass Kandy's "Gold"!

  • Sounds really good Kandyman but I would love some Eastern Kandy too! Bamboo is not the only good thing to come out of China for a Panda! Remember variety is the kandy(spice) of life!

    The French may pump out more films than you Kandyman but I only buy a fraction of them; where as I have bought every Kick Ass Kandy film ever made.


  • That sounds like my dreams come true.

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    How does Brazilian sound? Ex-Victoria Secret model Brazilian?

  • I'm all for that especially latino women.

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