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    KAK’s first ever photostory! starring Vixen in 100 high res stills. Vixen is on devastating form and demolishes this guy with the power, skill and grace you expect from KAK’s deadliest operative.

    Vixen has gone undercover to clean up the streets of her native Manchester. Disguised brilliantly as a lady of the night it’s not long before some unsuspecting fool approaches her looking for action, except he’s about to get the kind of action he wasn’t expecting.

    In homage to Jay, Black Shadow Productions and his Vice Squad Vixens!

    Vixen’s brutal, violent and deadly action is all captured in 100 high resolution stills.

  • @kandyman:

    As per the avatar, I haven't the foggiest, I'm technologically deficient.

    No worries mate and its no major issue anyways,

    If it helps though Have you tried the hitting it with a hammer trick yet?

    I often use that as my first choice when dealing with similar issues on OBG….................its never worked yet mind but always worth a go i think :lol:

    Glad you like the vixen gifs and that Daisy Duke outfit she wears does look fantastic.

    Roll on bloody June :P

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    Nice examples of your work there Scarru! As per the avatar, I haven't the foggiest, I'm technologically deficient.

  • @kandyman:

    I've been messing around on I-Movie and made this little trailer for Vixen's photoset…. waddya think??

    The comic book thing is quite a good idea yeah, so well done mooncatt for suggesting it and nice work there with what you have come up with Mr K'man.

    Its quite amazing what you can do with pictures given the right programs as some of the things they allow you to create are awesome and can bring any selection of pics to life quite easily now.
    The program does all the hard work and all you have to do is get the pictures.

    YouTube have a couple of facilities available for users to experiment with but never used them yet and picture hosting sites like photobucket and image shack all allow you to create quite impressive results with the various free stuff available.

    Making gif files out of photo shoots is one of the best ways to bring pictures to life a bit like these,

    btw hope its ok to post these and just quickly made them as an example

    The animation program i used for this is excellent aswell for creating avatars and You can speed them up or slow them down depending on what your preference is and dead easy to do plus only takes a couple of minutes to produce them, well the program does the hard work thats why its so easy.

    Just wanted to quickly ask too Mr K'man, and Speaking of avatars, been trying for a while now to upload the avatar pic i use over on run board but the upload procedure here isnt having it and cant even remove the one ive currently got either :lol: so wondered if you knew what the problem was or if anyone else had trouble with them.
    Its a gif file which is excepted and its 89kb in size plus only 144 x 150 so below the maximum 500 x 500 limit …...........but its not working im afraid.

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    Thought so, at the moment i haven't got time to blow my nose but when i do I may try to do a bigger and longer one. Achew.

    Just spent the afternoon with Minx at London's trendiest latex store, she tried on the tight latex outfits and gave me her opinions on their ease of movement. Now I could do that again or stay at home and do some more editing. mmmm

  • Yep, that's exactly the sort of thing I was banging on about! How straightforward is it to create one of these then? Would love to see more!

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    I've been messing around on I-Movie and made this little trailer for Vixen's photoset…. waddya think??

  • Is it possible to include full on photo stories, perhaps done in a comic book style? Maybe one a month as a bonus for anyone who downloads all that months releases or something similar?

  • Couldn't pass the opportunity to get 100 pics of Vixen in that vice squad outfit to drool over. :D

    Vixen certainly possesses that certain WOW factor which without a doubt leaves you wanting to see more and more of her and what an outfit too. :P

    Hope that look is used in a few up and coming productions, those pictures may look amazing but to see it in a movie would be mind blowing. ;)

  • You know me KM, I can't stand Vixen. I just bought the pictures to help her with her self esteem problems.

    Yeah right! Vixen is stunning as per usual.

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    Thanks Dizzle. The never ending bank holiday gave me some free time to have some fun!

  • Amazing photo set Kman! Love the mixture and suprises we have been getting lately!

    The best is yet to come… Incoming BAK!!!!

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    Cheers, Nemo - we did have a bit of a download problem earlier, apologies to anyone who encountered that. I won't bore you with details but the glitch has been ironed out. If you haven't bought it, you should buy it because the El Classico game right now ain't as entertaining.

  • Thanks for releasing this photoset - I had begun to fear us ordinary mortals might never get to see it. Simply amazing stuff, and Vixen is as gorgeous as ever.

    PS Thanks for sorting out the download problem so promptly.

  • kandyman scared me with the price increase so i dove in…great photos of a fantastic beating! i pity the fool that meets Vixen in a dark alley -

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    Thanks guys - you early birds have caught your worms - the promotional period only lasts 24 hours…. tomorrow the price goes up!


  • Just downloaded this and it's fantastic! Vixen looks amazing (once again) and the action shots are worth every penny. And at £3.99 you can't go wrong. A very welcome way to ease us back into the working week. More of this type of release please KM!

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