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    A picture says 1000 words but I think this one says 1009. Meet KAK's newest agent, Cat, she's nothing short of incredible and tomorrow is going to be your lucky day….. she's making her film debut in our latest release... it gets better.... she'll be co-staring with bombshell!

    need i say more…

  • You've amassed quite an army of Kandygirls now KM, how do you keep track of them all. Do they have ranks?

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    Here's the trailer to start you off!

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    This one is so hot off the press that we're just about finishing the edit off! we'll have the new release with you, probably around 5pm!



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    Jay - she cuts it. I promise you that.

  • Wow! I think the wait for BAK just became a little easier :)

  • I'm purrring already. A fellow cat to admire!

    I'm not sure I can handle Cat and Bombshell making their debuts at the same time. But I'll have a bloody good go!

  • Perfect on paper let's see how she cuts it on stage. :)

  • The interview process must be horrible Kandyman?

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    Tut tut tut

  • @Dfingo:

    I've got to say at first glance I wondered what that dog above was doing.

    Yes its not the first time that picture has been misinterpreted

    but dont worry Dfingo its not what you think.

    and simply praying for tomorrow

  • Did you say a cat…........where ?.......

    HOLY !!!

    and Woof Woof…....

    Now thats a cat you cant help but like…...

    She definitely rates in at a perrrfect

    Tomorrow cant come soon enough

  • Wow she looks amazing. Can't wait to see her and bombshells new moves kicking ass kandy style !!!

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