JET PHOTOSET - it rhymes!

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    Back by public demand, we've released a photoset of the stunning Agent Jet as she takes on a dodgy builder who's workmanship leaves a lot to be desired!

  • To tell the truth, I wasn’t at all excited about the concept of photosets. After all, the best thing in f/m fights is that we can see the girls kick ass in motion, admire their gracefulness, hear the satisfying sound as their boot or fist connects with their opponents.

    I must also admit that I didn’t include Jet among my favorite Kandygirls. I thought that she’s nice and skilled, but I felt that she was a little too rigid, too serious, didn’t smile, didn’t seem to enjoy herself as she handed out her beating.

    Boy, I was wrong.

    This photoset literally blew me away. I forgot that there is a very big advantage of photos over movies: every single frame can be planned and arranged perfectly. And you’ve done exactly that: almost every picture in this collection is a masterpiece in itself, a perfect tribute to female superiority. In the Vixen photoset, there were some photos that I felt unnecessary, which only seemed to „advance” the plot but didn’t contain any outstanding features (excluding the mere presence of Vixen on them, of course). Now, every picture is to the point and contain action and/or dominance.

    And Jet is… awesome. She’s incredibly, mind-shatteringly, unbelievably beautiful. A real goddess, a true embodiment of a true Kandygirl. I love her moves, her smile, her attitude... amazing. I adore how she constantly smiles and winks at the viewer – a feature which could look somewhat awkward in a movie but perfect on photos -, and that she clearly enjoying herself. And her outfit is... well, I can only say that PLEASE let her wear it on her next assignment(s) as well...

    I must compliment the amazing work of the stuntman, too. These pictures would be nowhere without the believable and expert performance of him. Nice work.

    And nice work from everyone who took part in the making of this set. If future sets maintain this level of quality, I’ll be the first to buy them.

  • Friday night, few beers, nice Ruby and then I find another fantastic photoshoot on sale for the price of a packet of smokes.
    Thanks mate, keep em coming!

  • About time we get some Jet lol!!!

    Jk Kman you give us a treat with every release but hey what can I say… Jet is my favorite with no comparison.

    Cant wait to see her next video!



  • Fantastic. Jet is very sexy.
    I love the knee to the face grabing the hair of the workman, and the knee to the balls ! More of this kind of moves in photosets and in films.
    More of Jet too, it's a pleasure to see her fighting.
    Again a great photoset, good work !

  • She looks awesome!

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