• Well Kandyman, I must say that I am VERY impressed by your new addition in Jet. As you know, I am very selective on the items that I purchase and also the very rare occasions that i post. Although I am critical at times, I will give the props when I see it. Jet is one of the most amazing and beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on. I am hoping you will be putting her ina video soon. From what I understand she has not aird yet, correct? Please let me know what sort of future plans you have for her.

    I think you and this site has come a long way since it first started. I am filnally seeing the changes and the "new and fresh" looks that some of us have been waiting for. Now great job, however don't fall a sleep on me. You have me happy…For now

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    Thanks Mr Hamama

    We've waited a very long time to please you, its been an ambition of ours. Jet is already in 2 films though, CSI Kick Ass and Full Metal Kick Ass.

    I'll pass your thoughts on to the lovely Jet.

    best wishes


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