• No fighting, no latex but one KandyGirl - will you watch? lol


  • Touche

  • yes Kamach you caught me. not exactly sure why, but i tend to get distracted whenever AJ comes to mind (like every 10 seconds). not a bad distraction though, i think…

  • Did you get distracted MsemmaPeel? Your conversation seems to have come to a halt very quickly.

  • Very lovely…British??? That's all the guy can come up with??? Where do they find these dorks? AJ needs an upgrade in her music video love interests!!! More AJ would make this guy a big star, but he only seems interested in getting his own mug in front of the camera. Next time he needs to step aside and let AJ steal the show (he can sing his crummy song in the background). Lucky for him AJ didn't take matters into her own hands and toss him aside...

    I never need latex or a fight to want to watch AJ. But, now that I think about it -

  • I did watch, not enough of you though. :)

    Does Radin know you wear catsuits in your ordinary life as Britains top secret agent or have you kept that from him in case he gets scared?

  • administrators

    No catsuit in sight? What's Radin's problem :)

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