BAMBI and KIX are back for one last adventure!

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    The inmates of Scholesvilles most dangerous prison are rioting, the guards have run away and the Warden has no choice but to call in the Kandygirls! Kix and Bambi are looking forward to sorting these lunatics out, they're ready for action and they're dressed to kill!

    There is one particular fight between Kix and this particular inmate that is quite incredible, nobody could believe how Kix beat him up so badly! She's never been so brutal.

    and who could forget the unique Italian killer sophistication of Bambi, in possibly her final ever Kandy mission.

  • Kix is sex on legs, I've long been a fan of this very special Kandygirl and she just gets better and better every time we see her.
    But I also have a massive soft spot for Bambi and so I'm very sad to see that she now leaves us to head up Kandy Operations in mainland Europe! Perhaps it's time for Thumper to make an appearance ;0)

  • Hullabaloo Kandyman. How hot can two girls look! Seriously, Hi-Kix has it all. The outfit was smoking, I loved the long ponytail and of course the OTK boots were perfect. And Hi-Kix doesn't disappoint when it comes to throwing a punch!!!! I must of counted 13 consectutive punches that sent the bad guy reeling! As hot as Bambi is, Hi-Kix is too good to share billings with other Kandygirls. I'm selfish enough to want the whole film to star her in future. Too much Hi-Kix is barely enough.

    When will we see the leather opera gloves again Kandyman (hopefully on hi-Kix)? I would love to see Hi-Kix add the leather opera gloves to that outfit!

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    Its Bambi's last adventure as she has to go back to Italy.

    Loving the Bambi Poppins wordology Scarru! Maybe we should do a scary Mary for Bad Ass - i'll suggest it to the Colonel.

  • So, hang on. When you say 'one last adventure', that's one last adventure together, right? I only ask 'cos the initial impression from the thread title is that it's a last adventure for both of 'em, but you only mention it possibly being Bambi's farewell in the write up.

    I only ask cos if/when (when!!) you guys do that first f/f epic video, I've seen enough in the trailers to date to know that Kix needs to be in it.

  • I posted a rather fitting summary before following a movie featuring Kix and Bambi but sod it ill use it again here as these two just seem to be an ideal partnership and kickass together so perfectly, …................. very sad its for the last time aswell.

    The outfits = 10 out of 10,
    The action = 10 out of 10,

    As for the two drop dead gorgeous girls themselves then all i have to say is,


  • great movie kix is very lovely with her dress and sexy boots,and i like very mutch his haircut.
    thanks very mutch kandyman and your team and actors for your job

  • Kix looks amazing…...can't wait.

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