Room Service - A Bad Ass Kandy tale featuring Silver and Red

  • It's been awhile since I've posted anything and technically speaking, this isn't actually new as it's a re-working of something I posted in the past, however I hope folks like it.


    Room Service

    “I can’t believe that you’re trying to touch up your lip gloss in the elevator mirror!” Red said. Silver’s reflection glared back at her colleague.

    “If I don’t look the part this isn’t going to work.” Silver said. “Besides, I’ve been dying to try out this colour – what do you think?” She turned around and pouted, showing off her crystal pink lipstick.

    “It’s nice – not really my thing but it works for you.” Red said. She adjusted her costume slightly. “Can you believe these outfits?”

    Silver and Red took a moment to look at each other. Silver was dressed in a short, low cut red dress with white frills along the hem and the cuffs of the sleeves that ran all the way down her arms. The outfit had a hood attached to it that she had pulled up, covering her blonde hair. This was capped off by knee-high white stiletto boots.

    Red’s outfit consisted of a similar red dress, except a thick black belt covered her stomach and her curly brown hair was covered by a festive red hat. Her boots were similar to Silver’s, only black in colour and trimmed with white fur, like the cuffs of her sleeves.

    “Hey, it could be worse.” Silver added as the elevator stopped. “We could have been wearing those stupid cheerleader outfits like last time.”

    “Jesus, don’t remind me,” Red said as the lift doors opened. “I’ve still got a rash from the polyester material they were made of.” Both women placed their hands on the room service cart and pushed it out into the hallway. As they walked along the carpeted floor they saw a rather burly looking gentleman standing outside the room at the far end.

    “So, remind me again, what are we doing here?” Silver asked.

    “The powers that be seem to think that this is some sort of takeover sort of a thing,” Red replied. “We have to go in and deliver a message.”

    “Bingo.” Silver said. “So, what’s with the room service trolley?”

    “Can you think of a better way to get in there?”

    “Good point.” Silver acknowledged. The burly looking man outside the door motioned for them to stop as they reached the end of the hallway.

    “Hold on, what are you too girls doing?” he asked, his eye immediately focusing on Silver’s ample chest that was enhanced by the outfit she was wearing.

    “Complementary room service for the party in room 610.” Red answered, giving the guard her sweetest smile. “And we’re the icing on the cake.”

    “Er, okay, you see, I’m not allowed to let anyone in…” The guard said as Red moved closer to him. She ran her fingers down the edge of the lapel of his jacket.

    “Oh, come on, you can let us in, can’t you?” She cooed. “I mean, we’ll get in trouble if you don’t…” She looked at him with her doe eyes. Silver could see that the guard was having a major conflict of interests between his brain and his groin.

    “I’d really, really like to,” He sputtered. “But the boss said no one was to be let in.”

    “Aww, that’s too bad,” Red sounded crestfallen, only for her to ferociously drive her fist into his ample stomach. As the guard doubled over she slammed her knee into his face, knocking him to the floor. “For you that is.” She glanced over to Silver. “Well, don’t just stand there, get one of those zip tie things and tie him up.”

    Five minutes later, Silver was brandishing a small key card that she’d found in the guard’s pocket. Red managed to open his mouth and shove one of the napkins in it from the room service trolley.

    “There we go, that should keep him quiet if he wakes up before we’re done.” Red said as she checked that his hands and feet were secured properly. Silver looked across at him.

    “I think you broke his nose.” She said.

    “Well, I’m sure they’ll fix that for him the next time he’s in prison.” Red said as she brushed her outfit straight again.

    “So, we just leave him there?” Silver asked. Red nodded.

    “Yeah, he’s a nephew of the Colonel, so he’s untouchable today.” She grasped the handle of the trolley. “Okay – time for the main event.”

    The door opened and the trolley entered first, followed by the two ladies. There were five men sitting around a table who all stopped what they were doing and looked at the new additions to the room. Their initial expressions of concern became somewhat more lecherous as they appraised the women in their revealing outfits.

    “Excuse me ladies,” one of the men said as he got up from the table. “As much as you’re an extremely pleasant interruption, I did leave orders for no one to disturb us.”

    “Oh, we know,” Silver said. “However, that lovely guy on the door said it would be okay for us to bring the cart in for you.” The other men had gotten up from the table and were now making their way towards the cart.

    “Everything here is complements of the hotel management,” Red said, gesturing to the table while maintaining eye contact with the man who had spoken to them first of all. She recognised him from the intelligence files back at their head quarters – his name was Roger and he was the head of a major drugs cartel in Europe. She glanced at the others – Edward, an arms dealer; Thomas, a major player in the arena of people smuggling; Johann was well known in the German vice organisations and Felix was some sort of wheeler-dealer in stolen technology.

    Roger had now moved closely to Red, standing behind her, while his associates were starting to raid the free food. She could feel his breath on the back of her neck as he pulled the hat from her head. “So,” he said. “You say that everything here is complementary?” Red looked across at Silver and winked as she felt Roger’s hands around her waist. Silver knew exactly what it meant.

    They were good to go.

    Red twisted her body suddenly sharply, and rammed her sharp elbow
    into the man's stomach. Roger gasped as his breath was forced out and doubled over, his hands falling away from her waist. She now whirled around and chopped the sides of her hands against his neck, causing Roger to groan and sink to his knees, semi conscious. As he knelt swaying, Red slammed her knee with force into his jaw, his brain exploded in a flash and he fell backwards onto the floor.

    At the same moment Silver drove her fist into the nose of Thomas, causing him to crash to the floor squealing in pain, then spun around and lashed her high-heeled foot into Johann, knocking him to the floor along with the prawn cocktail that he had been holding.

    “That’s going to stain,” Silver said as Red barely dodged the champagne bottle that Felix was wielding. He swung it again, higher this time, just missing her face. She countered by sending her boot into his stomach, then up into his jaw, sending him sprawling to the floor.

    “Did I tell you that Steve proposed?” Red said as she saw Silver trading punches with Edward, the arms dealer. Silver decked him with an uppercut after dodging a particularly powerful haymaker from his left fist. He hit the floor just as Thomas charged towards Red.

    “No? Really?” Silver said as she grabbed Felix as he tried to crawl towards the door of the room. He was a scrawny man, she noted as she pulled him up to his feet. She propelled her knee into his stomach before she stepped back, pirouetted three hundred and sixty degrees and crashed down a powerful axe kick on the back of his head, sending him to the floor permanently. “What did you say?”

    “What do you think I said?” Red replied as her fist connected in the latest of a series of jabs to Thomas’ face. He was blocking them as best as he could, but her power was beginning to tell. She countered by suddenly back-flipping away from him, both of her wicked heels connecting with the underside of his chin in quick succession. There was a sickening crunching sound as he hit the floor. “Yes.” She added once she was back on her feet.

    “Fantastic! I’m so happy for you!” Silver squealed with joy as she bounced Johann’s head off the room service cart. He seemed to stand still for a moment, just long enough for Red to deliver a roundhouse kick to his head, knocking him to the ground with his head at an unnatural angle.

    “Fancy being my maid of honour then?” Red asked as she surveyed the room.

    “I’d love to.” Silver replied, and then she noticed that Roger was back on his feet and making towards the exit. “Ooops, we’ve got a runner.”

    “I’ll deal with it.” Red said, suddenly breaking out into a sprint. She managed to tackle Roger after an extremely short pursuit, resulting with him lying on his stomach facing the floor with Red straddling his back. She pulled his head up and grabbed him in a chokehold. “Don’t you know it’s not nice to grope a woman without getting permission first?”

    “Fuck off!” He spat back at her.

    “Oooh, language Timothy,” Red scolded. “You realise you upset the Colonel don’t you,”

    “Fine, I’m sorry.”

    “It’s abit too late for sorry,” Red said. “So, he asked me to make sure you send a message to the rest of the organisation.”


    “Oh, you won’t need to speak to deliver this message.” Red cooed as she twisted his head sharply, breaking his neck. Red looked over her shoulder at Silver, who was busy checking the other goons. “There we go, all done.”

    “What about this one?” Silver motioned towards Edward’s unconscious figure.

    “Leave him,” Red said as she got back to her feet. “Someone’s got to tell people what happened in here.”

    The two women walked out of the hotel room and headed back to the lift –their presence no longer needed. Red pressed the call button on the lift and leaned against the wall.

    “It’s a shame the cart got trashed,” she muttered. “I’m hungry now.”

    “Me too – let’s pop to Selfridges and get something to eat. Ooooh, we could do some Christmas shopping too!” Silver said.

    “In these outfits?” Red asked. Silver nodded.

    “Why not, we might get a discount if we meet any cute male shop assistants.”

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    Sorry its taken me so long to read this one Mark, I love it! I've always wanted to make a Santa Claus room service multiple fight sequence film! Silver and Red are an audacious pair, they may both be intoxicatingly beautiful but they will fight to the death! I wish i had a hotel suite and a long corridor to film this one in, anyone own a hotel?


  • Great story, good to see you back behind the typewriter mate.

  • It's from the original version that I wrote for Dizzy awhile back and I just couldn't figure out a way of removing it without knackering the main story structure. Oi vey…

  • awesome :D red and silver are one of my top 3 girls on both sites :)
    but whats with the proposal thing? O.o

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