Carlsberg advert

  • I could well have been trippin….but I seen one of KAK's stuntment on a Carlsberg advert....

    That's pretty cool, like. ;)

  • How many films a month does Jason Statham make? Maybe Blitz could be the basis for a Badass film where Sex Panther goes round targeting secret service agents and has to be stopped by Vixen or Hi-Kix

  • I do believe ive spotted him moonlighting again.

    Just been watching the new Jason Statham movie 'Blitz' when a scene come on featuring a police briefing and noticed that one of the actors playing a P.C bared striking resemblance to a kak regular stuntman and upon closer inspection im pretty sure it is the same guy…..Matt i believe his name is.

    Was hoping one of the kak girls would suddenly appear and start kicking the crap out of everyone, but it wasnt to be..............Jason Statham did though......... but hes not as good..

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    You may have also seen the likes of myself and the other guys with him…. its our Manor.... ssshhhhhh

  • Possibly just on his way home after a night of skullduggery but deffo him - quite a tall chap

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    You mean he was up by lunchtime Elvis?

  • @Elvis:

    He's gettting about- I saw him getting on a bus in St John Street the other lunchtime!

    I see the economic climate is really kicking in if the bad guys are having to get the bus everywhere!

  • He's gettting about- I saw him getting on a bus in St John Street the other lunchtime!

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    Good spot there Jay - for those of you who haven't seen it, here it is:

    If Carlsberg made an awesome hot girl ass kicking website, we all know what it would be…..

    Matt had to fly to New Zealand for this and genuinely found himself helicoptered on top of that massive mountain top, alone! Looks great doesn't it.... we only work with the best on KAK.

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