NEW RELEASE Friday 22nd July - Casino Kick Ass!

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    Kix is on a solo mission armed only with her lethal kicks, deadly punches, sexy boots and killer smile. Secret military secret things have fallen into the evil mitts of notorious terror chief Ian "The Rush" Rush after the Minister of Defence left them on a bus and Kix needs to get them back. "Casino Kick Ass is crammed with high octane action with a nice twist at the end" says Rupert Murdoch on the phone to his daughter.

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    Oh yes dear friend, there will and all in good time.

  • Is there going to be a part 2 ….? and when ? thank you. : )

  • Thanks for the concurrence of some of the items on my Kickass Menu …
    The girls flirting in great outfits would be the Starter
    The stuntmen playing Security guards or soldiers in uniform would be the Main Course
    Some KO's with the goons slowly sliding down a wall would be dessert

    Oh Happy Days !!!

  • @kandyman:

    Trade your house in for a tent and hunt in the wild. There you go, sorted. Now, which Bad Ass opponent would you pit against the mighty Kix?

    If you're still in touch do you think you could persuade Elisabeth Murdoch?

  • Kman!
    Can you have a henchman named Jordan Henderson in a future film? He used to be my favorite player but since he sold out to trash Liverpoop I think he deserves his ass kicked for sure :)

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    Its all purely coincidental DG! I had no idea when i wrote these scripts that these baddies shared exactly the same names as Liverpool footballing legends. Who'd have thought eh! I've just picked a first and last name out of a hat for the next baddie and come up with Bruce Grobbelaar, surely there's never been a Liverpool player of that name?

    I agree to some degree with SBM too - that's why in our next shoot, tomorrow, we're gonna have a dazzling array of new ideas… including evening wear for you!


  • awesome :D
    cant wait for the new badass kandy video

  • @kandyman:

    Trade your house in for a tent and hunt in the wild.

    I did :)

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    Trade your house in for a tent and hunt in the wild. There you go, sorted. Now, which Bad Ass opponent would you pit against the mighty Kix?

  • Oh, that's it is it? Go on! Tempting me whilst I'm all vulnerable and frustrated! Ha! I know your game!

    No, seriously. Do keep tempting me ;). Fact is, me and common sense/will power have never been all that close, so it probably wouldn't be that tough to convince me! And besides , who needs food and shelter anyway!!


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    I get ya Ed, I can only imagine how frustrating this is for you! This film was a custom movie for our dear friend Cyrbea so maybe its time for you to commission a Kix V F film for yourself? Design it just the way you want it.



  • Sigh.

    Why do I watch these trailers? Whyyyyyy!!!!?

    OK, let me clarify something. By 'these', I don't mean KAK/BAK trailers in general. I'm talking specifically about the trailers starring Kix. Cos they are the ones that really bring home to me why I want this place, and especially Kix, to do f/f so much.

    In the meantime, watching Kix in action is just just so, so frustrating. Cos she's so hot, and so talented - but she might as well be mowing the lawn, in terms of how hot this video is to me. And so for me, every time I see Kix in action, I see those talents being wasted.

    Now, don't misunderstand me. This post isn't intended as a complaint about the content you're producing. That would be like complaining to Captain Birdseye for making fish fingers (lovely with custard). Yeah, I did need to vent a little, but my intent is for that frustration to be taken for what it is… a backhanded compliment.

    Fact is, if Kix and the trailer in question weren't such a fantastic example of a genre that doesn't interest me, I wouldn't have got so frustrated (jealous! :p ) in the first place.

    Very good (and so, by association, bad) work guys!

  • hi kix superb in his black dress very sexy, I'm happy because for the first time in a movie we see a man standing up to one of heroines.La
    end is pretty funny when you see kix esemblant fair to be unconscious, I expect the rest of this movie with many impatience

  • Very nice … Very nice.

    My perfect film would consist of:-
    a. Hot Kickass girls in great outfits (and they usually are !!!)
    b. More flirting and banter before the girls finally knock the goons out
    c. Security guard or soldiers rather than ordinary guys in jeans
    d. More shots of the guys as they are finally KO'd .. ideally slowly sliding down a wall
    e. Good looking hunks being KO'd (just in T shirts, Kombat trousers or guards uniforms (no coats or jackets !!)
    f. Some more scenes where the goons are simply put in a daze by the ladies amazing outfits …. So that in the end the KO is so easy

    Mr Kandyman - A film with ALL or ecen some of the above would be Kickass Perfection !!!!!!

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    I think you'll like this photo SBM

  • Thamks for the welcome back Kandyman - and for telling me that 12 Angry Bad Ass had a 'Wall slide' when the goon is knocked out., can we please have more of them.
    Without doubt they are the very best way for you to show the guy finally knocked out. It looks so much more natural compared to when they are knocked out in the middle of a room or a car park or whatever. Sometimes the final KO can look a bit awkward and unrealistic.
    However Sliding down a wall, or a pillar looks so natural and must be easier for the stuntmen to do. In the best KO's they slide down VERY VERY slowly … Sweet dreams zzzzzzzz

  • hi

    at what time do you post the movie today ?
    thank you

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    There's no Wendi Deng but there may be an Elizabeth Murdoch, she's one formidable character (and my old boss!).

    Nice to have you back SkyblueMayo! where have you been? we put a wall slide in 12 Angry Bad Ass, just for you!

    Today's release was written and commissioned by Cyrbea and I think you guys are going to love it! If you do then maybe we can make your fantasy film come true for you.


  • Wow - Now this looks like a great trailer - Kix has to be one of the best girls ever. So realistic … such great banter as she deals with the goons ..... and I'm sure many would agree her boots are always a bonus.
    I am thinking there could be a great Part 2 to this story .... Kix The Revenge.
    Hoping for lots of goons sliding down those walls and pillars out cold
    Good work Kandyman.

  • Wendi Deng would be a great Kandygirl. What a right hook!

  • Looks great, but how did you find out the message that Rupert Murdoch left on his daughter's phone Kandyman?

    BTW will Wendi Deng be appearing in any future movies?

  • Ooooh an old style Kix solo mission, now were talkin!

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  • My Lolomo friend, I detect a ruse. Kix NEVER loses, it's against the laws of nature.

    Great trailer K'man, looking forward to it.

  • hello

    I'm sorry for my English.
    Then by seeing the trailer in the debut. I believed that the girl to go to have a difficult man has to beat. I was tres happy! …
    But not not and still not why she(it) loses!!!!!
    he could not have it hard but all the same at the end wins.What is the problem or it is too easy or it loses. sucks I'm so disappointed puff. there is no middle ground.


    ps: I'm going to buy it but please do not make a straight or it takes several girls to save girl sufficient

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