Wonder Kandy

  • I must confess a degree of Wonder Lust and was most disappointed to hear that the recent Wonder Woman pilot starring Adrianne Palicki had been cancelled. While Wonder Woman is an American superhero it did get me thinking about which Kandygirl would be best suited to fill out such a costume. After seeing Kix in her latest solo effort there is no doubt she has the looks, the presence and the round house kick to fill those shortest of shorts. Kix would be a great Wonder Woman.

    Here is a link to a pretty decent fight scene from the un-aired pilot. The quality is not great and some of the wires are still visible, but I love the concept how she smacks down, not just ordinary men, but a bunch of steroid laidened bodybuilders in a very one sided affair. This fight begins at 2'10"

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    Or maybe wait until next Halloween?

  • Interesting video. I like it. Thanks for sharing this with me.

  • Would love to see a Super-girl themed movie for Halloween but realize it is too close for that to happen. I'll have to write my idea up here.

  • Totally thinking of Kix in the 1970s outfit worn by Lynda Carter, not the current version!

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    I saw the WW clips and they certainly reinvented her but I can kind of see why it wasn't commissioned. Maybe a superheroine film is due for halloween or something!

  • i agree with you that kiss will make a great wonder woman. but i'am not fan of the clothes that have a new wonder woman i like many many the short since linda carter in the 80 years;

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