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    Anyone see Mata Hari on Made in Chelsea tonight? She looked gorgeous as ever but didn't kick a single ass? odd that.

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    It was just you Mooncatt, it was just you.

    Well, things are progressing quite nicely with Bad Ass Kandy now, I had a great meeting with our graphic designer and the site is going to look exactly as I wanted it. It has to be the mirror image of KAK but without getting too boring, this meant we couldn't do it the easy way but had to devise the new colour scheme from scratch and grade each component so it blended in - everything from the colouring of the film tiles and background to the font and buttons. Then there's all the plumbing to make sure that when we go live we can deal seamlessly with the surge in demand (oh the optimism!). It could have been done quicker but i'm a bit of a perfectionist (and getting any 2 people in the same place at the same time was impossible).

    I can't wait for the Bad Ass launch - these girls are incredible and a real pleasure to work with. We're hopefully going to show you some behind the scenes stuff from an average day and have more random stuff to keep the forum buzzing.

    The future is very bright in Kandyland.

  • Was it just me that imagined Kate and Pippa Middleton cartwheeling down the aisles of Westminster Abbey, taking out a squad of armed insurgents and kicking Elton Johns head in afterwards because it needed doing?

  • @kandyman:

    obligatory 11 day holiday from Easter through Royal Wedding to May Day.

    I was fortunate enough to be working as normal throughout the entire period. :D

    and none of those annoying 11 days off to spoil the fun either. :|

    Did you say a Wedding ?, ….............what wedding ?.............who got married then ? :/

    I must of been lucky enough to be working on that day too and missed that little event by the sounds of it :(

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    I tell you what, I didn't factor in an almost universal, obligatory 11 day holiday from Easter through Royal Wedding to May Day. It's one giant pain in the ass, just when you think you've got your editors / designers / webmasters on board, they're off on holiday again.

  • @kandyman:

    The AJ films have to go into the Editing mix now, and since our editor is working on a big C4 Sit Com he won't be back for a while.

    your editor must have the best job in the world yet he chooses to do some sit com for C4 over completing Badasskandy !!!!

    Its a utter disgrace :P

    hmmm….............. well all i can say is .................................stuff C4 :P ..................and knickers to its sitcom too :D

    Does he not know where his priority's lay?

    Whats his address Mr k
    and well all go round there and knock the living sh......eh, em, .i mean try to persuade him to see the error of his ways, with diplomacy, tact, calm and collectiveness..............if that fails the two sets of knuckle dusters large baseball bat and portable garroting machine will be ample backup ;)

    All joking aside though im sure its gonna be well worth the long, long, wait so looking forward very much to the first glimpse of it....................................................and Im talking about BadassKandy btw, not the bloody sitcom on C4

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    The AJ films have to go into the Editing mix now, and since our editor is working on a big C4 Sit Com he won't be back for a while. We'll be releasing them over the next few months, don't worry, they'll be worth the wait. BAK is being built, now that i'm back from the AJ Projects I'm going to be getting that finalised.

  • Kandyman, when will we see the much anticipated AJ Kick Ass films? Also is there a tantalisingly close time line for Bad Ass Kandy?


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    The last few days have been a blast! We made a couple of new movies with AJ, including the winner of the board competition which may be the best film we've ever made with her! We shot over 3 days and trying to get the KAK stuntmen to concentrate around AJ proved exceptionally difficult. AJ actually tore a muscle in her hip on the first day of filming but being the tough little thing she is, she continued on for another 2 days. She is amazing, she put on the bravest of faces and refused any sympathy (even though every time she looked in pain 3 burley stuntmen fawned over her!). By the time we got to Day 3, she could barely walk so we enlisted the help of our newest recruit, the 5'10 blonde bombshell, known as Bombshell. The two of them really went to town on the poor guys! AJ is now flying back over the Atlantic and she'll always be a Kandygirl… if we still want her, that is :)

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    Its been a while since I wrote something! As you know, AJ has been living the dream in LA for the past few years but is still very much a Kandygirl, she's popping back next week to do some press and publicity for her movie and she's itching to make a film or 2 with us! Once its in your blood - its in your blood. She's not going to be around for long so we thought we'd use this opportunity to launch our custom movie business and offer you guys the chance to create your perfect film for a sum of money. We will only allow film ideas that fit in with the style and tone of KAK - as we have a good rep to protect. The deal struck will allow the film to go on general release after some time, so you'll all get to see it eventually.

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    All I can say is…goal of the decade.

    Anyway - there's no date set, if it was all in my hands then I would BUT I'm waiting on TV's finest editors to edit the films, my fine graphics designer to finish designing and for my developer dude to build it. I'm twiddling my thumbs here!

    Nobody has guessed correctly yet as you're assuming you know them all! the reveals will slowly reveal.

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    Of course! nothing gets in the way of the Derby!

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    Just spent the last 2 days cutting the new trailer for our new Bad Ass site and they look awesome. We started off all dark and that but through in the most counter intuitive tune at the end of the day and it just worked better! you'll see what i mean one day. Sorry about the site going offline today, I'm about to sack the server company, this was the final straw.

    As far as plans for this week go… Saturday is our next shoot and its going all Bad Ass...

  • Can't wait for the new site! Will be awesome to see the girls take on a darker role. I've could be even more excited about this than when i stumbled upon kick ass Kandy the first time. Kandyman I salute you!

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    Thanks MsEP - we are a fan site after all, made by the fans for the fans and when we go way over budget on the films (way too often!!) its nice to get the positive feedback. We shall always endeavour to listen to you guys, Bad Ass Kandy has been shooting for on and off for a year now and the films have been tailored to many of the demands in the forum - from the very essence of the Bad Girl to more colourful outfits to kills, its all in there. Its been a massive task making it, whilst running KAK, doing a full time job and being the epicentre of London's aristocratic social circuit but hell, you can sleep when you die.

  • made it thru the inlaws and outlaws of the holiday season and then it was Merry X-Mas to me! bought the last three films and couldn't be happier. have run out of superlatives to describe the girls and their fights. just amazing.

    but the best thing about this site is that it really seems like they (kandyman?) are really listening to us in this forum. we asked for mini-skirts and the last five films have obliged. we asked for stronger men in tighter clothes, and voila - we got them. the bad girls site is a welcome addition and an interesting twist. this site is truly unique in responding to comments and continuing to improve with every film. thanks to everyone involved and i can't wait to see what comes next.

    just in case you are still listening, how about private sessions with the girls - scantially clad, of course and ready to beat the macho out of any guy. ok, so that's a little much - maybe just some more photo sets and keep the films coming!

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    Happy New Year everyone! 2011 is going to be a really exciting year, as some of you may have seen, we've given you a little glimpse of our new project BAD ASS KANDY. Its going to be a new site, linked through KAK, where all the bad girls run riot - they're a highly trained brutal girl gang out to line their own pockets through any means possible. They'll deal in drugs, kidnap, exploitation and any other bad vice you can name - they'll do whatever it takes to get rich, famous and famously rich. We've kept it a very closely guarded secret but we've been filming it simultaneously for about a year and it will keep the famous high production values you've come to expect from KAK.
    Can't say any more for now….sshhhhhh


  • Any preview pics to give us an idea K?

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    Hey DG - funnily enough I had my 3rd interview tonight… i'm starting to think this ain't a joke any more, they told me they were going to progress my candidacy to stage 4 and i have no idea what that means - DNA test? test of allegiance to the flag? penchant for waffles? I still don't take anything seriously until i have to.

    Meanwhile on more important stuff, I can reveal that this weeks update will probably feature the irrepressible and quite frankly astonishingly wonderful Kix. We've just cut her latest film and she's awesome as usual.


  • Surely not a film where Vixen has to navigate her way across the massive turbine room and gets held up behind a group of 7000 German school children who insist on wearing their backpacks across both shoulders, thus not allowing anyone to get past them. Meaning that our heroic Kandygirl is delayed getting to the cafe and the last apple and pecan muffin is already gone!!!!! Cue massive violence and a chase scene across the wobbly bridge!

  • The Tate Modern? I love that place, you've got me very intrigued.

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    How could i leave you guys! although i'm now on the shortlist of a shortlist for the gig and I was wrong about it trebling my salary, its 5 times but still, who cares about money ;-) …. If for some stupid reason I got it, I'd have to start up Kick Ass Kalifornia but I can't imagine there being any suitable Kandygirls in LA!

    For the time being, things are a bit mindblowing at the moment, we've just created the new graphics and title sequence for PROJECT X and they are incredible! our business mentor (an industry genius) wants to make Kick Ass 3D and a very good friend of mine (the Godfather of the British Lad Mag industry) has just rang me about a feature in a rather cool online magazine feature (quick off the blog eh matey!).

    Needless to say, i've been working 25/7. Oh yeah, we're shooting with Vixen and the gang tomorrow on a ridiculous storyline inspired by a recent trip to the Tate Modern.

    Laters dudes.

  • Don't leave us Kandyman!!

  • Sorry Kandyman I haven't been around lately, the job seems like a great chance for you. I've been to LA before and I loved it but I must admit I wouldn't want to live there, but then I'm not in the film industry.

    If you do go to LA do you think you would be able to get AJ back on KAK? I was daydreaming about AJ and Jennifer Love Hewitt kicking some ass. It was a nice thought I think I might concentrate on that one a bit more.

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    Its been several days without a confession board members…. so what's new in Kandyland. Well, we're working really hard on designing our next project for you guys - you will of course absolutely bloody love it. Its been tough finding time to get more films in the bag but then how tough is it to work with the best bunch of people you'd ever wish to meet! We did have one new girl who didn't bother turning up for a shoot, she made no apologies! but instinct taught me to have back up agents in place and we pulled off an incredible film in the end! I'm thinking of setting up a Kandyman Twitter...what do you guys think? Oh yeah, I've been shortlisted for a new job with a US Network on 3 times my current salary but it means I have to consider leaving rainy London for sunny LA and pass on the Kandyman crown to my team. Interesting times my friends, interesting times.

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    Bambi is on a mission in Italy now but worry not, she'll be appearing in some pretty funky action soon.

  • Where is Bambi - J like to see her in action - possible ???

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    Its the eve of another Kick Ass shoot and we're finally ready to roll. Wardrobe is chosen, location is set, the weather is perfect, travel is confirmed for all, scripts are signed off, catering has been arranged - everything is perfect….and yet there's still one dark cloud hovering....2 late goals in injury time?? I mean we had the game in the bag, 3:1 with minutes to go and then we throw it away!! oh the pain.

    ANYWAY! We're heading over to our warehouse location at 6am tomorrow, 3 Kandygirls, 4 stuntmen and the crew - to think when we started we'd have maybe 5 people on location, we now have 14! We need to keep the ideas, storylines, action sequences, wardrobe and locations fresh, unique and exciting as its becoming huuuuugely expensive!

    So, Happy New Year and keep posting!


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    Last night was the Kick Ass summer party and it didn't disappoint! its 6pm and i'm still in bed in a lot of pain…. trying to piece together the mayhem....

  • In all of our oggling of the beautiful girls on this site the stuntmen possibly don't get enough credit putting themselves opposite these dangerous Kick Ass girls.

    If the stuntmen were no good then the film would be rubbish, so well done to everyone for just a fantastic site.

  • Hope everyone is doing ok

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    They'll make a documentary about it for Channel Five, like they did The Curse of the Omen or we could release a Lost in La Mancha type cinematic release! I'm glad to say JS has made an amazing recovery, he's been with us from the start and known to you all! and i can't tell you how great these guys are, it is one thing to be able to throw a kick but to sell that kick is something else, the reason why you see the same faces on the receiving end time and time again is not because we're short of offers its because these guys are the best. They've set up their own company now within Kick Ass called BASH PRODUCTIONS and we'll tell you more about it as the business grows. i'll pass on your best thoughts.

    The Kandygirl was going to make her debut and her "hospital" trip the night before ranks highly with the dog eating your homework and getting kidnapped by a gang of Mexican bandits. I'm not kidding, we get hundred of girls applying to be a Kandygirl every month, some of them get past the screen test and make their debuts, some go on to become fully fledged Kandygirls (Bambi being the latest) but others either don't cut it on the day or, unfortunately, do come up with some remarkable stories. :)

  • That is what I call a cursed shoot.

  • Phew… that's a rather sad story... I hope that JS (+ the Kandygirl in the hospital) will heal completely soon!

    That story made me think (again) about how amazing those stuntmen guys you're working with. I feel myself a little bad, because when I wrote about your movies, I usually only commented on the girls' performance - perhaps because I thought it goes without saying that these movies would be nowhere without the constantly professional, dedicated and convincing work of the stuntmen involved. So instead of repeating it in every review (as I could), let me state it here: these guys are the best!

  • It's all fun and games until somebody loses an eye. Hope everybody gets well soon. Does it make me a bad person that I want to see the outtakes?

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    Well, as far as difficult shoots go, yesterday had to be crowned world champion! Here's how my day panned out…

    Its early on the day of the shoot....
    0500 - received text from Kandygirl. She had to go to hospital late the previous night having suffered an allergic reaction to a Bee sting. She can't make it.
    0500 - massive script rewrite for the one remaining Kandygirl - luckily its Kix but must have it finished to leave for location in 2hrs..
    0730 - arrive at location which just so happens to have suffered a minor flood. The floor is under drenched.
    0731 - Kandyman and Cameraman, armed with mops and buckets, clean up flooded location.
    0815 - Rehearsal for stunt one begins - its Kix V Stuntman JS
    0816 - Kix kicks JS in the eye - accidentally of course!
    0825 - Its bleeding, its bruising and its swelling
    0840 - JS goes to hospital accompanied by best buddy, Stuntman MB
    0841 - Having started the day with 3 Stuntmen and 2 Kandygirls, we're now reduced to 1 Kandygirl and 1 Stuntman. 5 becomes 2.
    0850 - Break out the wigs, the hats and the masks + a weeks supply of Red Bull, its gonna be a long day.
    2014 - We wrap, MS returned for a cameo role, remaining stuntman CT pulls off a blinder, Kix was unbelievable and we have an amazing film. JS has 2 stitches in the inside of his eyelid (ouch!) and we go home to plan another Kandyfilm. And Relax?
    2059 - Text, Kandygirl for Sundays shoot has been offered a part in a film... it starts on Sunday....here we go again!

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    well, drop me a line then! kickasskandy@hotmail.com


  • Umm, this might sound bad, but I'm an editor.

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    Hi Mark - we try to mix them up to keep an nice variety of films going. We're also trying to make the most of the summer and film twice as many as normal as Winter is so damn awful for shoots. So, I guess i can't say when we're scheduling in yesterday's shoot! Just to let you know a bit more about the process, once we've found time to shoot a film we have to find an editor with time to cut it and that's something extraordinarily frustrating!

  • Question if you don't mind Kandyman. You shot an episode yesterday. Will it be the one that you release in two Fridays from now or have you already shot that episode? Basically, I was just wondering the turn time from the day of shooting to the day of release.

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