Angeli e diamanti - Last episode

  • The last episode of "Angeli e diamanti"
    Sorry for the bad quality.

    Giorgia, Chiara and Laura in action!!

    Giorgia / M

  • Imagine if the Kandyfilms had stunt girls who stepped in to perform the fights instead of the actual Kandy girls we know and love. What a massive pile of arse that would be.

  • I'm perfecly in according with you. The budget wasn't very high but I think more than kandygirl.
    But remember that noone has so much style, so much passion and so much skill as kandyman!! And still more, the three girls are not Kandygirl but only nice girls.


  • administrators

    Nice clips again, its funny, with all their budgets they can't fight as well as the Kandygirls. Check out the blonde in the turqouise shirt, the reverse shots are a completely different woman - even with stunt doubles the fighting is a bit shit.

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