KAK - A History!

  • I was hacking Ed Millibands phone calls last week and he was talking to John Prescott about passing a motion through The House Of Lords, demanding someone chronicle the life and history of the worlds foremost Asskicking organisation. But Prescott just kept calling him a wanker and telling him he wasn't fit to lace Alan Johnsons shoes.

    However, I do think Red Ed was onto something and I would love to see the history and timeline of KAK laid out by the one person who knows it the best.

    I tried but all I could be certain of was the first intake consisted of AJ, The Body, Hi-Kix and Evil Agent Jessica. But I couldn't even be certain what year that was (2009?) Then came Vixen and Badnight.

    So how's about it Kandyman, any chance of a potted history of KAK?

  • Well both would be good. Maybe a history of the films and which agents starred in them with year of release and a time line of the site which can be kept up to date each month!

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    That's one hell of an interesting idea! are we talking the chronology of films as they were released or maybe when they were filmed?

    The first ever film made was CITIZEN KICK ASS and that was, I believe January 2008….. wow, does that really mean we've been making Kick Ass for 3 1/2 years? jeez.

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