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  • Insane comments guys :) thanks for making me smile

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  • @Dizzy:


    Very helpful and sage advice there, many thanks.

    I look forward to making a total hash of it in due course. Actually think I’ve forgotten my password already. Hmm..

    Good point about the rest of the Man Utd team. Certainly as far as the manager is concerned it requires a vowel replacement to sit more comfortably no question.

    One final thing if I may. How do you get so many bouncy pictures in your messages? Very impressive and overridingly cheerful.


    No problem DG and hope the info helped, its pretty straight forward funny enough so you should pick it up very quickly and before you no it you'll be tweeting away like you've never tweeted before

    Aaahh yes the old 'what the hell was my password' scenario, well im certainly familiar with that one DG. infact ive often spent many happy hours franticly trying the two and a half thousand possibilities which i may of used to try and log into various sites and most with no avail so alot easier to just reset the damn thing…............i eventually came up with a bright idea of writing them all down thus never forgetting a single password again..............
    yeah right,.........
    its only really a bright idea if your not dim enough to then forget what the hell you did with the bit of scrap paper you used to list them all on...........................its bloody here somewhere i know it..

    As for Sir Alex joining the tweeting community............then id say its probably not wise really as most of his colourful comments he often makes i doubt would be suitable for public display let alone classed as a tweet. Granted he may have alot of words of wisdom he wishes to share with everyone on subjects such as linesman, referees and other fellow managers etc etc but the owners of twitter may not approve when every sentence he writes seems to contain the word 'Wanker' in it..............

    Im guessing the bouncing pictures which your referring to you are the smilies i use DG.
    Like this -->

    or this

    and this

    ive never had the chance to use this one yet

    This one believe it or not is meant to be a telephone being pulled off the wall, however it does get misinterpreted for something else so dont often use it.

    for obvious reasons

    There are two ways which they can be added in , and by that i mean adding in smilies/ emoticons into a reply post.

    the quickest way is to use the sites smilie feature, different sites use different ones some have alot on offer whilst others just a few and as the site itself has to host the pictures then they choose the amount they want but they can add in as many as you wish, you then normally just click wich one you want to add in to your reply and it does it for you.

    The other method which i often use is the DIY one and the bulk of the smilies i use ive uploaded and host myself from my photobucket account i have about 20 pages worth at present, all various different ones that ive picked up here and there.
    so to add them in is the same way you would add a picture into any post,
    copy the code of the particular smilie required which i then get from my photobucket account and just copy it into the reply box and your done, it will then display which ever bouncy pic you have chosen

  • @Mooncatt:

    No I'm on the singles now. I'm having to cut back a bit after I got my arse wedged in the door of Sainsburys, which annoyed the gang of looters behind me.

    That was damn unlucky luck mate, you must have gone to the only branch of sainsburys which still has its doors attached, i heard rumours a few had the odd window left and most which used to proudly display the name sainsburys in 8 foot high letters now all say BURY_IN_ASS

    but to find one with a door still on it is a rarity indeed.

  • No I'm on the singles now. I'm having to cut back a bit after I got my arse wedged in the door of Sainsburys, which annoyed the gang of looters behind me.

  • @Mooncatt:

    Everything is possible with the cake of jaffa. I tweeted six packets of jaffa cakes just this morning. And by tweeted I mean ate them.

    Just the 6 packets….........were you feeling a bit off color then this morning, or were they the duo packs

  • Everything is possible with the cake of jaffa. I tweeted six packets of jaffa cakes just this morning. And by tweeted I mean ate them.

  • @Dizzy:

    Having said that if both Mensa Rio and Professor Rooney can figure it out how hard can it be?!


    do you agree though DG that considering the two it is from the man u team which have managed to master the art then that doesnt really say alot about the other 9 squad members who havent, eh.

    im only joking Mr K'man

    Moving on (very quickly)
    If you wish to tweet DG its quite easy, just log into your account
    and you will see a 'WHATS HAPPENING' box, thats where you then write what ever it is you want to say and click the tweet button below it and the message will appear on your profile page plus anyone else's who is following you.

    (there is major hinderance though, which i was informed of yesterday and you can only use a maximum of 140 characters per tweet, …......which IMHO is bollox as thats no way near enough, infact the lowest ive managed so far is 256, .......... thats after its been culled over 6 times aswell,........... im determined ill damn well do it eventually...........but at present its work in progress as they say)

    Apparently too you can also send tweets via a blackberry,.............
    what will they think of next…..........i was going to try this method out actually but all i had was a tin of peaches, and they were out of date, ........oh yeah and no tin opener either (the sole reason behind why they are out of date)
    Anyway in the end i thought sod this and gave up on the silly sending messages via fruit method.

    I wonder if you can tweet via jaffa cakes ?

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