Straight outta Vilnius….meet Eagle!

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    Well, as is the standard of KAK and BAK we not only bring you the most kickassy girls in the world but we bring you the most unbelievably stunning ones too. fact.

    So, here's a little sneak of our latest recruit (see kandyblog from a couple of months ago) and I have a feeling you are going to adore her.

  • Hey Kandyman,

    When do you think this will be released? I'm dying to see Eagle in action and in hot boots.

  • I thought it was Brenda, not Bernard?

  • @kandyman:

    He has again Scarru :(

    Its easier keeping tabs on the whereabouts of Colonel Gaddafi than it is whoever you employe putting your fims together.
    Infact Mr Gaddafi would be an ideal replacement seeing as hes currently between jobs right now, plus Mr G's a fully qualified EDITOR anyway…............ oh no hes a DICTATOR isnt he not editor.............well its the same thing really

    As for the current editor (aka Shergar) maybe some sort of restraining device is in order
    or even a tagging method upon if straying beyond a set distance would administer a short sharp electrical charge to whom ever is wearing it thus preventing any sudden urge to go wandering off again,
    nothing deadly of course and just enough to give them
    a slight twinge and gentle reminder ..............
    id say about 4000 vaults should do the trick.

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    He has again Scarru :(

  • Hes not gone AWOL again has he ?

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    All in good time my friend, or rather, when our editor comes out of hiding and shows himself!!

  • @Mooncatt:

    Those Hot Pants are getting bigger.

    I dont think they are hotpants are they, they could be just your standard Lithuanian knickers i dont know, im not really up on these type of things so probably needs a females perspective here i think

  • Those Hot Pants are getting bigger. Eagle looks amazing though!

  • I totally adore her. Hope she kicks high.

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