Action with Ms Jackson

  • I did intend to keep this short and sweet,…........... fat chance!!

    Anyways I wanted to add this in here and ask you all (the sane ones anyway) for your valued and honest opinions as all feedback be it approval or critical does help out.

    Its basically a short showreel which i made especially for AJ featuring a selection of her finest KAK asskicking moments all put together in one non stop high octane action packed clip, accompanied of course with some suitable background music

    You may of seen in a post here recently the adorable AJ herself requested if i could create a music mixed showreel for use on her IMDB page and web site.

    Well i wasnt going to pass that opportunity up although i did pass out briefly due to the surprise of being asked but graciously accepted the offer and this is it and im very proud and honord to say this already features on AJ's IMDB page plus ive upped it to youtube aswell for easy viewing and just wondered what the rest of you good KAK/BAK folk thought about it, and please be as honest as you like as its important for me to know if any areas need improving on so won't be offended in anyway shape or form.

    Its just over a minute and a half long, which was the timescale i roughly had to keep it at and as it was to used for public display i wasnt to include any material that would need a license, meaning the copyrighted stuff,…........So a huge big thankyou indeed to Mr K'man for granted me permission for use of certain clips,
    (which was helped following AJ's threat to come round and beat him up if he didnt say yes)

    The reason i was asked in the first place is because I have created a few of these music mixed clips in the past, although its just for fun so ive no real experience and certainly not to the high standards of a professional editor but i did make a tribute edit especially for AJ about a year ago so its on the back of all that i was then asked to make another one to be used on her IMDB page, unfortunately i cant post that tribute edit i did as it does contain some audio which may,.....alright WILL need a license before being allowed to use publicly, not mention Mr 'k's approval as its stuffed full of his finest material thats currently on offer in the vid section to purchase.

    However I did assure AJ though that as for the legality side of things with this new showreel i would make sure everything else included was legal and above board................................which is something i of course always try to be very careful about anyways and i dont usually just help myself to anyones mateial without permission then publicly flaunt it on places like youtube oh no,.....................well apart from the tribute mix of course which granted may have a few legal issues, but looking down at the long list of other music mixed clips ive created already then i can honestly say all the other ones...............well nearly all............alright some of them..............a few
    .........any.........christ, there must be one here surely.................errrr, no, apparently not…......bugger,............. right, well i wont use those as an example but not to worry as ill make sure the new edit contains none of the naughty bits which may bring along the odd law suit or two have my word.

    So with that in mind i then hunted amongst the royalty free tunes that are available on the web for some suitable music to go with Mr 'K's clips, and the good thing is there are thousands upon thousands to choose from on the public web,… music i mean not Mr 'k's clip

    finding some free audio which didnt sound as if it had been made using instruments such as a digeree doo, a badly tuned guitar with three broken strings or someone banging two halves of a coconut together proved to be a arduous task but i came across some in the end, so that left the simple task of putting it altogether.

    I must at this point mention a certain someone who without their tremendous assistance i wouldnt of been able to do all this its often been mentioned here on KAK in the past just what a wonderful, pleasant, kind caring all in all great individual AJ actually is in real life, well i now know where she gets it from...........................its her Mum Mrs 'AJ' senior and who is the one which takes care of all AJ's other affairs like the web site stuff bookings etc etc whilst AJ herself concentrates on other things like beating up gangs of megalomaniacs, starring in more major film roles and TV (so its rumored lol) beating up more megalomaniacs, flying back and forth between the USA and UK and opening up various new outlets of the clothes store 'CATSUITS 'R' US'.........................knowing of course everything else is being very well looked after and in the safe hands of her Mum, so since i started this project its been my great pleasure i must say to have been in constant e-mail contact with AJ's mumsy and cant express enough what an exceptional fantastic person she actually is, not only immensely supportive and very generous but highly knowledgeable and always took time out to offer superb advice when needed so i cant thank her enough, and best of all AJ's Mum told me she actually new who i was prior to all this from my time here on KAK and said how much she enjoyed my posts and previous work which was fantastic in itself.
    So i cant say thankyou enough for all her valued assistance in overseeing what footage would be most suitable to include and also point out anything that wasnt which did involve a very delicate but quite interesting discussion regarding AJ's cleavage, yes that correct, and i must say i never in a million years would of guessed id be sitting here openly chatting away to AJ's mother about her daughters cleavage,…....... but no word of a lie i was, and all due to the fact AJ's manager from L.A had flagged the topic up and thought a particular picture i had used in a sample showreel may be taken the wrong way,….................... we still havent ascertained yet what way he quite meant, as the four pictures i did use were all very similar.
    But I think you'll agree with me that when it comes to looking at certain issues then our friends over there in the good old U.S of A do sometimes have a strange view on things compared to us brits, i mean they think we are weird because we dont all walk around with half an armory strapped to every orifice whilst over there the top selling christening gifts are either a Uzi or colt 45 (complete with holster and available in blue for a boy or pink for a girl )

    Anyways this particular picture which AJ's manager named 'The Picture with the Boobs' was unsuitable to be used in the edit and had be replaced also i wasnt to include the scene where AJ uses foul language and says the rude word 'Bugger' she can say 'Bollox, sh#t, f##k, holy crap or son of a bitch, but not bugger as its apparently classed as quite offensive over there states side…................well i did say they have some strange views on things to us but the long and short of it was AJ's disgusting foul language (you naughty girlie) wasnt allowed.......... and oh yeah, i had to lose the boobs aswell.

    Just like to point out too that during this whole boobgate affair i did of course act in my usual highly respectful way and both myself and AJ's Mum treated the whole matter in a purely professional manor and didnt make any silly comments or joke about it what so ever…......honest,........ive no idea either if AJ was aware about me and her Mother having this debate about her cleavage but no worries AJ as the boobgate scandal was resolved in the end and you'll be glad to know the whole delicate pair.....i mean AFFAIR was laid to breasts......sorry that should be....LAID TO REST ...........and i was able to bust move on and concentrate on the huge titties that lay infront of me ................TASK, i mean concentrate on the huge task that lay infront of me which of course was the showreel titself.........ITSELF (sorry about that its this damn keyboard playing up again)

    So Quickly moving on,

    and Just so you know which picture it was behind boobgate its below and you may notice ive used some appropriate smilies to discreetly cover up the offending area thus avoiding the chance that someone does take this the wrong way........................and i dont know, suddenly get the urge to kickstart a world wide riot or something like that.

    this is what it looks like anyway

    and this is what it looks like after half a bottle of Jack Daniels

    this one however was given the ok,

    but as you can clearly see, if you look close enough, this one has got a gun being pointed in it so its ok to use ( its that tiny shinny object just above the center parting of AJ's errr doo darrs…...............well i cant say tits can i thats just being down right rude

    Now there was one last thing i wanted to fill you in on and whilst on the subject of breasts (which apparently i still am) I did in fact make rather a large boobie not to mention make myself look a complete tit one day whilst working on the edit by accidently super-gluing my glasses to my head,........... im not joking either,
    Whilst frantically trying to get this finished i had to do a quick fix on a pair of specs i had just sat on, and without even thinking i then put them straight back on and after ten minutes or so i went to adjust them and found to my delight the side bar which i had fixed with glue was now firmly stuck to my head...............and they dont call that shit superglue for nothing either. so anyone else who has had the misfortune to find themselves superglued to something will tell you how difficult it is to remove it. (and quite painful aswell)

    Well thats enough of me rabbiting and here is the edit i made which comes boobfree and contains none of AJ's foul foul buggering buggery language either, so hope you buggers enjoy whilst i bugger off and do something else

    and all joking aside if poss please let me know what you all think as anytype of feedback is always appreciated good or bad



  • On a slightly different topic Hollywood seems to have made a large mistake. Although Gina Carano looks amazing in this trailer for her new film HAYWIRE, I can't help thinking that a certain lady called Sasha would have been perfect for the role, especially if any of you have ever seen the pics of the lovely AJ as a brunette.

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    Its excellent work Scarru - well worth scanning down the pages and pages of words to get to! :)

  • West Country accent, it's all you need!

  • Ive just noticed your new siggy mooncatt

    BEG TETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love it :lol:

  • @Mooncatt:

    That's some good work there fella. Now, can you convince Mrs AJ senior to join us on here for a chat?

    Many thanks mate (and just replying to e-mail aswell)

    Im glad you liked the edit and wanted to make it look a bit more spectacular but very limited to what i can do using only windows movie maker so im obtaining some better advanced editorial software as we speak funny enough called video copilot, ive no idea what the hell it does but it looks the mutz nutz anyway.

    I totally agree with you about Mrs AJ senior joining us on the forums as that would be fantastic and she would be warmly welcomed aswell just as her Daughter is, plus im sure AJ herself would enjoy having her Mum around,…............................. we may even find out what AJ was like when she was just little AJ, and even show us some of those photos like AJ's first catsuit and her very first boyfriend that she beat up that kind of thing.

    But seriously though it would be brilliant having both on here and no harm in asking i suppose.

  • That's some good work there fella. Now, can you convince Mrs AJ senior to join us on here for a chat?

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