Where are this clips?

  • Only a question. The clips of this photo are on line? Exist or are only photos?
    Thank you very much, Andrea.

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    You are indeed correct Lady AJ - and one special day this film will finally be released…. maybe in June time when that other film of yours gets released? With one being a multi million dollar spectacular and the other a bunch of chancers on shoestring budget - it'll be interesting to see if we can tell the difference?

  • Tut tut tut KandyMan - the second shot in the pink dress is from a film…. how COULD you forget ;) :p?

  • Kandy man We need more photo sets like these. This is unbelievable wow. I vote this website#

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    Funnily enough I was thinking the same thing, these photosets will be available soon!


  • I agree with Pedro! I saw those photos earlier today and searched for the movies they were in and was a little sad to find out they weren't from actual videos. I wouldn't mind getting the photosets though if they were available!

  • Photosets…???? Then please let me immediate know, what the coasts are and where J can buy them !!!!

    J love photosets too...


  • Thank you Kandyman, but this photos are totally awesome, many compliments!!!!!!!

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    These are only photosets Andrea…

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