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    Its the one everyone's been waiting to see, the sequel to Casino Kick Ass and its got it all! and for those of you who want to catch up on the story so far, CASINO KICK ASS IS NOW HALF PRICE AT £4.99, this week only!

    After getting captured in Casino Kick Ass, Kix is tied up in chains whilst the evil Ian Rush tries to sell his weapons of mass destruction. Is this the end for Kix? or can she possibly escape, beat up the armed guards and destroy Rush with those devastating high kicks? This film has it all, danger, peril and Kix in the jaws of defeat….shit!


    The only things is… i'm stuck out in the Canadian wilderness at the moment so have to find a good reception to upload...If its more than a few hours late then i've been eaten by a bear and please send help.

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    I just like to make new friends TZ! Nothing is beyond the realms of possibility but Custom movie could be the way forward :)

  • Kandyman. I noticed on the Supergirls runboard forum you posted links to this site. Is my dream coming true?????? I will do anything I can to help make this possible. I was actually talking to some like-minded fans on the Superwomenmania forum to get something together to make a custom shoot. Anyway I hope my dreams of bionic Kandygirls comes true. Thanks!

  • Best episode so far, keep it up… you are the best!

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    That Kix has a lot more coming to her, damn nemesis.

  • GREAT film and yes, i'm going to say my favourite Kickass/Badasskandy episode of all time. Not only can Kix dish it out, she can take it as well! And look hotter than ever while doing so! Good work K-people!

  • May I start by saying well done on Quantam of Kick ass - really good, I highly recommend if you haven't bought it already … Get in there !!!
    I think Franck is picking up on something I thought was good, and that was the realistic fight back by the guards. They were clearly fighting a losing battle, but it was very realistic for the goons to at least attempt to give Kix a slight taste of her own medicine.

    ... But dont forget as many good looking young goons as you can - the current 3 or 4 regular goons that were in Quantum Kick ass show their great experience, but we have now seen those three in so many films.
    Lots of guards uniforms ... no coats (you wouldnt put the girls in coats !!!!!) and some good long slow KO's where the camera pauses and pauses whilst the guards slowly slide down a wall out cold.
    Also like to see the sexy ladies remove keys or radios from the goons as they sly slumped out cold (all adds to it for me !!)

    Keep up the excellent work Kandyman and Kandygirls

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    I think i understand what you're saying so thank you Franck - we'll keep playing around with the style and have fun!

  • hello

    kandyman thank you for putting this film a man who replied to the attacks of kix I think it has brought the action to one side more coherent combat.j 've enjoyed the facies of hix when it receives the blows and how behind the aggression is certainly decuplée.en kix gets naughty in her shots and I love

  • Call me a traditionalist but Kix is HOT!!!!!!! As much as the newer girls look great when it come to kicking in heads and looking fantastic nobody throughs a roundhouse kick (while wearing long boots) like Kix (and Vixen). I especially loved those machine gun kicks that Kix is now doing! Will we ever see Kix and Vixen in those leather opera gloves again though?

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