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    Next month will be 6 months since we launched BAD ASS KANDY (with my evil bastard twin brother) and i'm delighted that you love it just as much as KICK ASS KANDY…. so much so that we're going to make it a permanent addition to the KANDY family and i'd love your thoughts on a merger.

    Now that the trial period is over we're thinking strongly about merging the two sites - this will mean the films for both KAK and BAK will appear on the home page, the profiles page will split between good and bad and the links, contact and forum stays the same. I'd really love your opinion on the following though:

    1. Shall we have the cover page as a static entry page to the site?
    2. If we have the films alternate on the home page would you like the drop down menu arrow to give you the option of seeing all kick ass or all bad ass?
    3. If we had a separate photos page would you visit it?
    4. What if we put all films over a year old on to a separate film page?
    5. Shall we not merge because you like the way it is.

    This has always been a fan site - for the fans, by the fans and your input is very important to us.



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    Thanks TZ but i'd love to know if you had any preferences? :)

  • My thoughts Kandyman - Whatever is easiest and most cost effective for you and the crew so you can keep hiring top of the line women for the movies.

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    Thanks DG - wise words and respected ones from you. Any more thoughts guys?

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