ATHENA….She's a goddess alright!

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    Anyone fancy an action photoset of Athena on Friday? she changed her name by deed poll from Eagle once she got elevated to goddess status last week. Its up to you…..

  • Thanks for the heads up… i am really waiting for this one. I have seen the ''behind the scenes'' clip at youtube and photos at Heroine Movies. Instant buy.

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    Hey Pulphead…at the moment we release 2 films per month, one on Kick Ass Kandy and one on Bad Ass Kandy..... sometimes we may release every week, it depends on big factors like Man United winning or the dog's birthday. We released our last film on Bad Ass Kandy only last Friday so the next release is next Friday on KAK. This next film is full of twists and turns! its a KAK and BAK production.... Vixen beats up 3 guys at once whilst Red has a fight with Athena and one of them gets tied up! There's a big finale....but who will win KAK or BAK?

  • I have some questions.. Can you please tell me how often you are uploading? No video this time? Does it go one video at BAK and one at KAK every friday?? Does the new video have ''a nice twist'' as Casino Kick Ass did? Greetings from Greece and thanks…

  • um…. yeah!

    Or a video... Just saying lol!

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