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  • Hey people,

    I've been looking around the net for a clip from Mortal Kombat but I am having no joy.

    The clip features a blonde woman, very sexy and athletic looking; needless to say kicking the shit out of a male fighter. It's quite a long clip and very intense, probably one of the best mixed fighting clips ever. It was posted on here before the forum was re-vamped and I was wondering if anyone has it on their computer?

    Thank you. :)

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    Its the Festival of Death episode where Jamie Presley gets woefully stunt doubled by someone who barely looks the same species!

  • <–- is this who you're looking for? :)
    Try this:

  • Thanks for the reply.

    It's not that clip. The clip is alot longer and the fight takes place in a tight circle of spectators. The woman does many acrobatics and it ends with her breaking his neck (but not with her legs).

    That clip is still a good one though, thanks. :P

  • I don't have it on my computer, but i think it's this one on youtube:

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