Samantha goes after Mr. Erickson

  • He looked at his girlfriend and protested again: "I don't want you to go today"

    "I'm sorry Mark. I told you about it since last week. And it will only take a couple of hours, and then I'll be off for another week or so".

    "Why do you like to do this so much? Can't you have a normal job?"

    "My God Mark, you are talking as if I were a hooker or a stripper! I love what I do. Not many people are able to work in something they are truly passionate about. I've been doing it for the past 3 years, way before I met you. I told you what I do pretty much from the beginning, and that for us to work out, you would have to respect what I do and support me. And right now you are not doing that" Samantha replied.

    "Besides, what I do allows me more free time than most people can ever dream of, it pays very well and I can set my own schedule, work the days that I want, and decide how I do my work. The only requisite is that I complete the assignments I am given, and so far, I've been flawless. I don't think many people at 23 can enjoy these things. And because there are not many others who can do what I do, I know I will be able to do this for a long time, and for the money I want".

    "Yeah well not many job descriptions require a woman to go on missions slaughtering men!!!! His voice grew louder and louder.

    "Mark you are screaming at me", she continued calmly. "Can we have a normal conversation?"

    "How can we have a normal conversation? Does this seem like a normal topic to you, Samantha??" he was now screaming hysterically.

    "Mark, you are almost 40, but it seems that you can't discuss this as an adult, so I'm just going to go now. We'll talk when I get back in a couple of hours. But think about it, because I don't want to continue with someone who can not let me be who I am, do what I like, and love me as I am". When it came to this subject, she was inflexible: there would be absolutely no change in her work life. She wondered if she would ever be able to have children although on the other hand, her children would have more time with her than most other children. After all, most working mothers did not have to work a few hours once a week. "I like you, but I would never give this up for you, or any man for that matter."

    He looked at her again, finding her irresistible, and once again felt an inexplicable sensation of loss and sadness. He did not want to lose her, and once again, gave in. "All right, I'm sorry. It's just that I am afraid something will happen to you babe".

    There it was, the phrase he disliked so much, when it came from her lips: "I like you (as opposed to "love you").

    "And Mark, if I leave you, I won't take you back if you change your mind later. And I know you will regret it for the rest of your life" she said to him, in what sounded almost like a threat. Despite her young age, Samantha had lived her sexual life to the fullest, with few inhibitions, and had broken many hearts in the process. She felt Mark deserved a fair warning before it was too late.

    He of course knew this, and felt deeply afraid of losing her. He finally gave in. "All right, I'm sorry. It's just that I am afraid something will happen to you babe".

    "Don't think about it Mark. Anything can happen to anyone at any moment. I am the best at what I do; I've trained for most of my life, and I have a lot of experience doing this, so relax". Samantha said with a soothing, reassuring voice.

    "I know babe". He changed gears and asked about tonight: "what do you have to do tonight?" he said, completely accepting his defeat against her unyielding position.

    Samantha acknowledged his effort, and tried not to sound like she was rubbing her victory on his face.

    "I'm paying a visit to this weapons dealer. He has a warehouse in the South side, where he will be tonight, with a few of his associates, probably no more than 6 or 7 guys altogether. His organization is ruthless, and they are extremely violent. But after they meet me, they will not be selling any more guns!!!" Her voice transmitted anticipation to the confrontation.

    He wondered about just how relative things could be. In his 37 years of life, he could recall no more than 5 fistfights he was involved in, winning 2 out of 5. And here was this 23 year old girl who was going to outdo him in a couple of hours!

    "What's been your biggest job?"

    "Last year I stormed this place, and wiped out 50 men. Took me several hours, but it was a very good workout. By the end I was really tired, and even a bit bruised!"

    "You killed 50 men in 1 evening!!!!!" "How is that possible?"

    "First of all, the number is not important, you don't take 50 men at the same time. In 1 hour you can drink 100 glasses of water, just not at the same time right? This is the same, I can keep on fighting, the only thing that stops me is how tired I am… but I have a lot of endurance"

    "Do you absolutely have to kill them?" He insisted.

    "Maaaaark!" she said in her sweetest voice, letting him know he was starting again. "When I raid a place, I need to be lethal. The more people I'm against, the more brutal I have to be. I can't be thinking about some guy I could have finished off earlier, coming back and shooting me, now that he knows who he is up against. This is the best way to guarantee nothing happens to me. If people saw me, I would be targeted by all the bad guys in town in no time!! Plus, the guys I deal with, are real motherfuckers." "What they'd do to me if they could I can't imagine. It's better for me to kill them". "Besides, if I allowed them to live, most of them would end up crippled or badly injured. It would not be a nice life after that".

    "But how can you enjoy it?"

    "I enjoy fighting, the sensation of beating and humiliating someone, of physical domination. I love when I grapple with some guy, then I completely overpower him and look straight in his eyes. I can tell he realizes his time has come. The friction of the bodies is also very arousing. He wants my body but knows will never be able to have it. Seeing the combination of lust and terror I inspire on a subdued man is very powerful. And taking the life of my enemies is the ultimate sensation of supremacy, like a primal instinct. Killing my rival is even sexually arousing for me! The whole thing allows me to express my sadistic, darker personality. On a mission, I'm a combination of an elite assassin and a dominatrix!"

    "Can you at least not dress how you do?" There was nothing he could say to her, the elaborate explanation was a big part of who his girlfriend was, she would never change. He was desperately trying to get at least one concession out of her.

    "Sweetie", she said, almost condescendingly "You know if there is one thing I love, is dressing to kill. Pun intended! I've always liked it, and won't change. And for what I do, besides being comfortable, it helps me do it better. Guys are shocked when they see me. I think that since I'm the last person they will see before they meet their end, the least I can do is to look absolutely stunning for them. And by the way, when have you seen me wear something 'decent'?"

    Of course her rationale was only partially true. It actually went back to her teens. Samantha had always loved to wear the most provocative outfits she could find, without a care for the occasion or who she would meet. She enjoyed exhibiting her fantastic assets to all men, for the mere pleasure of tormenting them. Her 3 favorite words for clothing were: short, skintight and tiny.

    "You are right, I'm sorry. I won't give you a hard time again" he finally gave up. He knew that she meant every word she said, and that as much as she liked him, Samantha would not give up her life for him. He was afraid of losing her.

    "I'll tell you what. Once I'm out of the shower, I'll let you dress me up". She knew he would love it. Any man would.

    "Can I pick what you'll wear?" "Just kidding!!"

    "You are right, I'm sorry. I won't give you a hard time again" he finally gave up. He knew that she meant every word she said, and that as much as she liked him, Samantha would not give up her life for him. He was afraid of losing her.

    "I'll tell you what. Once I'm out of the shower, I'll let you dress me up". She knew he would love it. Any man would.

    "Can I pick what you'll wear? Just kidding!!"

    Thirty minutes later, she came into the room naked. He'd been dating her for 6 months but could not get used to her fantastic body. It was always like the first time.

    Samantha was 5'10 and had an incredible physique. Her hourglass figure was exquisite, but at the same time, her muscles revealed her dedication to the gym, larger than those of the average girl, but never like those of a bodybuilder (which she found disgusting in a woman).

    Her face was angelical. She had deep, blue eyes, luscious red lips, perfectly waxed eyebrows, and long eyelashes. Her natural long blond hair, went down to the bottom of her shoulder blades. Her back was moderately wider than normal and muscular.

    Her legs were long, perfectly sculpted by years of intense weight training, with powerful muscles that were harder than rocks.

    Her six pack abs were solid, yet her waist was a slender 23". Her ass was large, perfectly round and impossibly hard, but not out of proportion with her sharp curves, at 36".

    Her biceps and forearms were slightly larger than the average woman when relaxed, however, when flexed they would swell moderately and become rock-hard. They possessed devastating power. Her hands were delicate, with perfectly manicured, strong, long red nails, yet could just as well turn into iron fists capable of turning any man's face into pulp.

    But by far her most exuberant assets (you could say obscene) were her perfectly round, colossal pair of knockers (a whooping 40DD). Despite their enormous size they were completely upright, firm and perky: a true challenge to the laws of gravity. Samantha had plenty of reasons to feel pleased about every inch of her body, but she was especially proud of her magnificent breasts. She proudly boasted them by wearing tight mini tops that barely covered her areola and revealed a bottomless cleavage, or skintight shirts that seemed as if they were going to rip over her over-sized chest. As if the effect wasn't enough, through breathing control she projected them even further out. Often times she did not wear a bra, so her erect nipples were more than evident, protruding through her clothes. She loved how men lasciviously stared at her bosom in complete disbelief, and how uncomfortable they'd feel. Sometimes she would purposefully get too close to them, encroaching them between a table, wall, or bar and her sizable boobs. She believed naturally large breasts like hers were a symbol of sexual power and she used them as such.

    The effect of her huge tits was more evident given the sharp curves that ended at a 23" waist. Her skin was white but tanned, smooth and flawless. She did not have a single striae.

    Samantha was a combination of youth, impossible beauty, voluptuousness, and overwhelming physical and sexual power. An oversexed porn star with more than perfect measurements, 40DD-23-36, who lived life to the extreme. Her three biggest pleasures were hand to hand combat, plenty of sex and showing off her ravishing body. Sweet and loving with those she cared about, a cold and merciless bitch with those unfortunate to find themselves in her path. Her body was her most lethal weapon.

    "What's wrong?" she innocently asked him, knowing full well the thoughts going through his mind as he was contemplating her.

    "Come one, I have my outfit ready in the bed", she tempted him.

    He sat in a chair and took the black, leather hot pants, raising them so she would put her legs through the holes. Samantha raised her long leg, then the other one. Mark tried to get them all the way up, but had a hard time.

    "Can't they be a little tighter?" he said sarcastically.

    "Oh they are just fine", she said as she took over and pulled them up, and zippering them up. They were like a second skin, highlighting her perfect ass. She ran her hands through her butt. "How do I look?" she asked, in what he thought was the stupidest question he ever heard.

    He then picked up the leather mini top, and before slipping it on, kissed her massive boobs. She looked stunning: the leather barely covered her areola. The two large melons touched in the mid line, leaving a huge cleavage. Her nipples were visible through the leather.

    She stood up in front of him, while he knelt and picked up one of her leather thigh high boots. He ran his other hand through the long leg. He could not believe how hard it felt. Samantha slipped her foot in the boot, and he slowly closed the zipper (enjoying the sound it made), all the way to the lower thigh. The black leather wrapped her leg snugly. She sat down in the bed and crossed her legs, both boots now right in his face.

    Mark caressed the pointy toes, her foot, the spiky 5" stilettos, and the rest of her leg. Then repeated the action, this time with his face. He knew full well that most faces that had come in contact with this boot, had ended up completely disfigured. He had seen the terrible damage they were capable of inflicting, and was thankful of being allowed to be so close to them without fear of getting hurt. At the moment, he was the only person in the whole world allowed to touch them, kiss them and worship them. These were truly, "fuck me" boots. He felt sorry for the unknown men whose lives would be brought to a sudden end today by the very boots he was admiring.

    She knew this was an extremely arousing moment for him, and allowed him to go on for a while. As if she read his mind, she said playfully: "you should pray you will never be kicked by them". She was kidding, of course. She had never hit any of her previous boyfriends, and would never use her body to hurt a partner. Samantha gently stroked his groin area with her boot, which made him come almost immediately. She felt like a sex Goddess, capable of turning any man into jelly with her slightest tough (or a nasty punch).

    "Wow babe, these boots are really something!! How many men have they killed?" He asked, cleaning himself.

    "Just this pair?" She paused for a second, and made her best guess. "I don't know, at least 50".

    "OK let me put my make-up on, you know I can't go out without it". She stood up and walked to the bathroom. Samantha was 6'3" with the boots. At a mere 5'8", he looked even shorter next to her.

    When she came out, she looked more like she was going to a modeling session that to quash one of the most feared criminals in the region.

    He came and hugged her for a while. "Please be careful".

    "You know I am always very careful". "And don't worry, you know this body can take care of itself", she said with her characteristic overconfidence, as she freed herself from his embrace.

    "Do not be so mean with them" he said as she walked away.

    "I'll try, but I can't promise you anything", she smiled naughtily.

    Mark knew she was lying. She wouldn't even try. That was why she did this, so she could unleash her ravaging power.

    He watched her walk away, listening to the seductive sound made by her boots, a combination of the loud steps plus the clicking made by the stilettos.

    Samantha walked into the street, where a car without license plates waited for her. She opened the front door and got in.

    "Hi James" she said to the driver.

    "Good evening, Miss Strong. How are you doing?"

    "I'm doing very well, thanks. How about yourself?"

    "I'm fine thank you. Ready for tonight?"

    "Of course!! I am actually looking forward to it!!" He knew she meant it.

    The driver was in his mid 40s. He had known her for about 2 years, being one of several men in charge of driving her to the different missions. As usual, he could not admiring her fantastic body. Samantha did not mind, used to being stared at by almost all men.

    When they got close, he pointed to the building and said to her: "OK Miss Strong, I know luck has nothing to do with it, but, good luck anyway". He knew what she was there for, and what she was going to do inside. Despite the age difference, he always addressed Samantha very respectfully.

    "Thank you very much James. Have you disabled their security cameras?"

    "I'm doing it right now ma'am". With the cameras temporarily jammed, she could do her job without any worries about being on tape.

    "Then see you in a couple of hours. If I'm done earlier I will call you".

    He watched her tall figure walk away towards the building

    Samantha hurried and knocked on the door. "What!!!" a voiced screamed.

    "Hi, it's just me, I'm having some car trouble and wanted to see if you could help me". The car excuse always worked.

    The man looked through the hole and saw an impossibly gorgeous young woman, a prostititute, judging by her outfit. He opened the door, and she walked in.

    "Wow! You are hot! And you smell real good!" his voice revealing no interest in her broken car.

    "Thank you". "I'm sorry I won't have time for what you have in mind big guy!"

    She punched him hard on the abdomen, causing him to double over. She grabbed him and wrapped her left arm around his neck, and covered his mouth with her right hand, so he wouldn't scream. She applied pressure, cutting most of his air supply.

    "I'm sorry I have to be so rough to you honey, but I need to know something and you are going to tell me, OK? If you don't, I'm going to be really mad at you and trust me, you don't want me go get mad".

    The man tried to get her arm off his neck, unsuccessfully.

    "Honey don't waste your energy like that, you will not be able to break free, I'm way stronger than you" she whispered softly in his ear.

    "How many of you are here? And where is your boss' office?"

    "Gghggghhrrrghr" he managed to utter.

    "I'm sorry honey, I can't understand you, could you speak more clearly?" she whispered in his ear again.

    "Ssssssixth floor!" her captive finally said.

    "Thank you very much love". She turned his head towards her, and gave him a wet kiss close to his mouth. "I'm gonna have to put you out now". Then she increased the pressure. The man continued to pull on her left arm with both hands. His attempts became weaker, until he stopped. Samantha then quickly flexed her arm. An audible snap was heard, as his neck fractured. She laid his body on the ground, and moved on to find the rest of the men.

    Soon she heard 2 men talking, and walked towards them.

    "Who the hell are you, and what are you doing here!!" demanded one of them.

    "I'm here to shut down your business, and to kill you and your boss" she said with a calm voice.

    Before they had a chance to pull their guns, Samantha raised her long leg and violently connected with the chin of one. A crack was heard, from his now shattered jaw, and the man flew backwards, landing on his back.

    "I'll be right with you sweetie" she said to the now unconscious man.

    She then moved towards the other guy, and held him by the waist with both arms and pulled him close to her, as if they were dancing.

    "Do you like being close to me?" she teased him.

    Samantha then squeezed him, emptying his lungs almost completely. The man started gasping for air, and she let him go. He walked around aimlesly, trying to breath again. She stepped back and waited.

    "Don't worry honey, I'll wait until you are ready to go on".

    After a minute or so he charged her, and threw a punch into her mid-section, which she absorbed. Samantha then threw a left punch at his face, and the man lost his balance momentarily.

    "Are you OK? Did I hit you too hard?"

    She punched him several times on the face, fracturing his nose and midface. Blood was now pouring out of his nose, lips and forehead.

    "Oh no, look at you, you're a mess now" She delivered a swift chop to his voice-box, fracturing it as well. The man started gaping for air, and immediately turned blue. He collapsed and died soon afterward.

    Samantha then walked to the other guy, kneeled down and gently slapped him on his cheeks, until he regained consciousness.

    "I was worried you would not wake up, darling"

    The man sat up but before he could stand, she pushed him down with her leg. Samantha placed her boot on his neck, securing it between the arch of her foot and the stiletto.

    The man saw the towering beauty above him, and could not believe what she was doing to him. He grabbed her boot with both hands at the calf level, and tried to push it of his neck. He was surprised on how hard her leg was. He gave it all he had, but was not even able to move the boot that was taking his life away.

    "Sweetie you are going to have to try a little harder". Her voice showed more excitement as the guy's vain attempts became more desperate.

    She took her right hand inside her shorts and started rubbing herself.

    "Harder, little man, try harder please, I beg you!!!"

    He could not believe how, as his life was slipping away, his female executioner became hornier . As she masturbated harder, the pressure in his neck grew. He felt her leg's spasms, as she was getting closer to coming. He heard her quiet moans.

    Samantha rubbed harder, until she finally came. As she did, she violently tensed her leg, an involuntary reaction that was too much for her captive's neck. And audible snap was heard at the same time. She kneeled down, and wiped her wet hand in his clothes.

    "Thank you, you were great!!" The tall Amazon stood and contemplated the carnage she had unleashed. The 2 men laid lifeless, disfigured, and bloody.

    She went up to the next floor, and saw 3 more guards. They immediately went after her. Instead of running, she walked towards them, and punched the first one on the face, knocking him out into the wooden floor.

    The remaining two men took her on at the same time. She thrust her leg backwards, hitting him on the face with her stiletto. The man cried in agony, and fell to the ground. She punched the other guy fiercely, until he collapsed.

    While 2 of the 3 guys were out of commission, she knelt down next to the first one she had hit, grabbed him by his jacket and asked with a mean voice: "not counting the 3 guys I killed downstairs, and your pals here who I'm going to take care of as soon as I'm done with you, how many more are left?"

    "Jjjust one a-a-a-a-and-d-d-d Mr. Erickssssonn!!" he cried. "Please don't hurt me anymore" he begged her, looking straight into her blue eyes. Samantha was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. He could not comprehend how such a beautiful creature was capable of causing to much mayhem.

    She could see the terror in his eyes. "What's your name sweetie?"

    "G-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-e-o-r-g-g-g-g-e!!!" he mumbled. "I beg you, please don't kill me!!!". He was crying loudly now. "Please have mercy on me! I don't wanna dieee!!!!"

    "I'm sorry George, I'm gonna have to". "I can't let you live and tell your fellow criminals all about moi!" "But I promise you won't feel any more pain. I'll be as gentle as I can".

    She straddled him at the waist level, using her right hand to hold him down while she raised her left fist, ready to execute her victim.

    "Nooo, nooo, please noooo, don't kill meeee!!!" George wiggled and struggled until the end to break free, to no avail.

    Samantha looked at the hysterical man for a couple of seconds, and then brought her fist down with almost all her might. It landed on the center of his face, the force of the blow killing him instantly.

    The guys she had just dispatched were getting up. "What the fuck did you do to George bitch!!!" one of them asked.

    "Well you just saw me. What do you think? Do you want to come along and get even? I bet you want to make me pay!" she said in her sassiest voice.

    She walked towards the two men. As one threw a vicious punch aimed at her face, she blocked it, and grabbed his arm, pulling him until he was against her, then wrapped her arm around his neck, and squeezed. "Come on little man, get close to me, don't be shy!!" He started trying to break free from her hold.

    The other man kept throwing punches at her, even while her one arm was busy with her prey. She blocked some of the blows, and teased him "hey, can't you beat me even if I just use one arm?" She then raised her leg and kicked him softly in the face, a streak of blood came out of his lip.

    "Oh I'm sorry about that. Come here so I can get a better look at that!!" and with that, she grabbed him by the head, encircling it with her free arm. She now had both men on choke holds, each on one arm. They were both struggling frantically to release themselves, but it seemed that the harder they tried, the more pressure the young woman would apply.

    "I have my hands full now!!!!" She was enjoying the moment while it lasted, both prisoners secured between her arms and large breasts. The more they fought, the more she enjoyed it.

    "You didn't expect this girl to be that strong, did you? Two grown men can't stop a young girl from choking them?" They were too busy to pay attention, let alone answer Samantha's questions.

    "OK guys, I'm having lots of fun with you, but we can't go on all day. The question is, would you like me to kill you quickly, or more slowly? I personally prefer slowly, as I can enjoy myself more, but I thought perhaps you should have a say on this!" Samantha only heard gasps for air and groans. She increased the pressure on both, until the first one stopped moving.

    "Hey little man, looks like your friend left us alone. It's only you and me now!! I'm all yours!!!" the man's attempts became gradually weaker, until he stopped and went limp. Samantha then jerked both necks, snapping them as a precaution in the unlikely scenario that they were not dead yet. She released the dead bodies from her arms -as a toddler drops an unwanted toy- causing an loud thump as they hit the ground.

    She went to the top floor to get the last guard and Mr. Erickson. As soon as she got up the stairs, she saw the last guard.

    "Well, well, well, what do we have here", he said, staring right at her massive chest. The two large breasts, barely covered by the small piece of leather, were pointing straight at him.

    "Do you like my boobs? They're very big aren't they? Would you like to kiss them?" she said as she grabbed both breasts with her hands.

    Before the man could say yes, she walked up to him, and took his head with her left arm, burying his face in the dephts of her bussom. Her large mounts blocked all the air, so the man's screams were completely muffled.

    He struggled frantically to break free, or to take a breath at least, but his strenght was no match to the Amazon's.

    "Are you enjoying yourself there, handsome? A guy once told me my boobs were to die for. I'm sure you agree with him!!"

    The violent rubbing against her chest, once again made her horny, and she brought her right hand into her privates.

    "I can't believe you can't break free even from my weak arm!" "Since it seems I won't need my right hand after all, do you mind if I rub myself in front of you?"

    The man continued to struggle unsuccesfully. He tried to push himself away from her deadly embrace, he hit her in the back and abdomen, and even pulled her hair, but nothing seemed to bother her.

    "OK I am going to let you catch some air, but only once, all right? After this one you're going to fight your way out of this mess all by yourself!!"

    She pulled his head back, and the man took a deep, long breath.

    "Ready? I'm bringing you close to me again!"

    She smothered him again with her massive breasts, and rubbed herself harder and harder. The man continued to struggle as she came twice. When she was done, she waited until he stopped moving, and then counted 3 more minutes. She dropped the lifeless body on the ground, and took his gun.

    Samantha found Mr. Erickson's office, and walked in. "Hello, handsome! I have some sad news for you"

    Erickson saw a tall young woman at the door, looking straight at him. She seemed to have come out of a porn magazine, outfit an all.

    He reached for his gun, but she pointed at him: "not so fast there!"

    "What the fuck is going on?" he demanded. "What the hell are you doing here, bitch?"

    "I've come to close your business, and to kill you. I'm sorry!"

    "Do you think you can get out of here alive? There are many guys here, they will kill you!! Drop the gun and perhaps I won't make you suffer too much!!"

    "You mean the 7 guys I came across with? I've killed them already!! Every single one of them!

    "Give me that gun and I'll fuck you and then I'll rip your heart out" he said defiantly.

    "Oh this!!! You know, I just borrowed it from the last guy I killed. I took care of your guys with this beautiful body. Who needs a gun when you have a body like mine?" she said as she provocatively ran her hands up her boots, ass, boobs and hair. Then she took out the magazine and put it inside her boot, and threw the empty gun out of the room. "I certainly don't need one to kill you!"

    Samantha walked up to him, and started grappling with the man. It took him only a couple of minutes Erickson to realize the young girl was much stronger than him. Samantha looked straight at him with her piercing blue eyes, and recognized that familiar look of a man who knows he will be defeated.

    "Are you afraid of me now, little man?" she loved to call her victims "little", since her magnificent boots made her taller than most of them. "I know you have never been so close to someone as hot as me!" Not satisfied with defeating them physically, she loved to destroy her rival's ego before the end.

    Samantha kept wrestling with him for a while, just to make him face her physical superiority over and over. Then she brought him to the ground, encircled his chest with her formidable thighs, and whispered in her sweetest voice: "I'm going to squeeze your miserable life out of you with my gorgeous legs. There is nothing you can do to avoid death. You are mine! I will decide how and when I will kill you! I will decide how much you will suffer before you die!"

    And with that warning, she started squeezing him. The man grabbed her boots with both hands and tried to open her legs. He felt he was holding 2 rocks instead of the sculptural legs he saw. But his attempts, far from decreasing the pressure, seemed to make it more intense.

    "Honey it seems that the harder you try, the harder it gets for you!!"

    "Let me go bitch!"

    "Is that how you ask a girl? Not that I would let go anyway" listen, you can play all the tough guy you want, but as soon as I saw you look at me, I knew that you have never desired any woman as much as you wanted me!! And with all your power and money, you could not have me!!! You are used to getting what you want, men fear you. And now, not only you will not have me, but I'm actually going to end your life. Who would have thought it, a blonde bimbo finally put a stop to the ruthless Erickson!"

    Samantha kept increasing the pressure, and her excitement increased. She brought her hand inside her leather hot pants. She rubbed herself hard, until her body jolted with her first orgasm.

    "Aaah!!!" the man screamed in agony as one of his ribs fractured from her spasm.

    "I'm sorry about that!" she moaned. "Please keep fighting me!!!"

    As he kept trying to break free, the pain grew more and more. Samantha squeezed harder and harder. She came several times, each deadly orgasm breaking something in her captive. The man was now struggling to breathe not only from the pressure, but also because his ribcage had multiple fractures.

    The gorgeous blond demon rubbed harder, and applied more pressure. She moaned louder and louder. She was now screaming with pleasure, completely oblivious to the torment she was causing her victim. She would have one more before leaving.

    "Please I beg you, keep fighting me!!! You are soooo good!!!" she seemed to remember she was holding a man between her thighs.

    The man was busy trying to stay alive. As she neared climax, the pressure became unbearable. Several more ribs broke. His cries of pain were completely inaudible because of Samantha's screaming. When she came, she closed her thighs with all her might, killing him instantly. After she came back from ecstasy, she released her prisoner from her deadly embrace, and pushed his battered body away from her with her boot.

    Samantha was covered in sweat, her hair was wet as well.

    She got up, admiring the remains of the ruthless mafia boss for a while, and walked away.

    "Hi James!"

    "Hi, Miss Strong! Everything OK?"

    "Yes, things worked out very well!"
    "It seems they gave you quite a workout!"

    "You can't imagine, James".


    "Perhaps we can have a drink before that, if you don't mind?" Samantha offered. "All this fighting has gotten me very thirsty!!"

    "I'd love to Miss Strong!"

    "Call me Samantha, please".

    "OK Miss Strong".

    Samantha came back to her apartment past 2 am. Even though she sent Mark a message as soon as the raid was over, so he wouldn't start wondering if something went wrong, he was still up watching tv. He saw the tall, scantly clad, busty woman walk in the living room and immediately got up and hugged her.

    "Oh Mark, you shouldn't have stayed up!"

    "That's OK, I don't have to go to work tomorrow. How did it go?"

    "Oh everything went fine. I was done in a couple of hours and went with James, the guy who drove me, to have a couple of drinks".

    "Did you find the ring leader?" Mark usually wanted to know all the details about her missions.

    "Yep, I took care of him too" she said matter-of-factly.

    "Tell me about it, how many, what happened?" he insisted.

    "Honey, what do you think happened? I went in there and I put this weapons ring out for good!" she explained, sounding a bit tired.

    "What did you do to the men?" he asked, as if he didn't know the answer already.

    "I killed them Mark. I beat the shit out of every single one of them and then killed them!!" she raised her voice slightly.

    "Was it easy?" He was clearly too much into the story to pay attention to her hints...

    "Easy? It depends, easy for whom? For you? I don't think so. For me? I don't know about easy Mark, it is not an easy job!!! It's not like you can go and put an add on the paper and find hundreds of worthy candidates, you know? I trained hard to do this! I've spent more than 15 years of my life learning all kinds of combat techniques! I've been going to the gym for hours every day for close to 10 years!! And I just turned 23!!!! So you tell me if it was easy!!! I've put a lot of effort to become who I am, to be among the best at what I do!! And I will keep on trying to be even better!!! I'm going to bed, good night!" She stood up, gave him a kiss and walked to the bedroom.

    The next morning he woke up before her. He admired her magnificent naked body, recovering from what was undoubtedly an intense night. Mark could not believe such a gorgeous woman, was capable of single handedly killing 8 men who had been spreading terror all over the region for years. It took her only a couple of hours to accomplish what many dead criminals and cops failed to do.

    He picked up her tiny hot pants and mini top to send them to the cleaners. He then picked up the long leather boots to clean them. He held them as if he was holding a very delicate piece of crystal, and inspected them. There was dried blood on the sole, toes, and on the stilettos. Mark admired his girlfriend's naked body once again, before going to the laundry room to do what he had decided would be his responsibility: to organize everything in the house so Samantha only had to worry about exercising, and had enough leisure time for herself. And of course, for her work.

    In the laundry room, he took a piece of cloth and dutifully wiped off the blood from all the stained areas. He needed to get another two clean pieces before he was done. Once again his mind thought about the poor men whose blood he was now erasing. He wiped the whole boot clean, and then took the shoe polish and applied it all over. When he was done, the boots were like new, the shiny black leather with the smell he loved. He thought to himself: "ready for the next kill".

    When he came back, Samantha was already in the gym, lifting weights. She was wearing a short Lycra and a sports bra which barely contained her over-sized boobs.

    He looked at her biceps swell and go down as she lifted a dumbbell he could probably not carry even with both hands.

    A couple of hours later, she was done exercising her different muscle groups and went to the punching back. He was amazed at her speed, and the power of her punches. She did roundhouse kicks, high kicks, back kicks, with devastating force. With every blow she would scream loudly: "kiaaaah!!! After another hour, she was done, completely covered in sweat.

    Mark got up and brought her ice water: "great workout babe, here you are!"

    "Thanks a lot babe!!" she kissed him and went for a shower.

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    Its great to have you back Melissa! i'm going to read your story at breakfast when the 20 20 vision is restored after one entire partying weekend.

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