Christmas Wish List

  • Just like Red I thought the Forum had gone VERY quiet, dont think I saw a single post on the latest film from last week. (Though you could be to blame for that Kandyman as I dont think you posted a notification of the film .. or did I miss it ??)
    Anyway as we have now moved into December I thought why not start a Xmas list for Santa / Kandyman
    As my list has a Female perspective it will be very different to most, but my wishlist could be universal ….

    For Xmas I would like a film in a stocking at the end of my bed with
    The gorgeous Kandy girls wearing stockings ..
    Breaking into a building heavily guarded maybe carrying Mistletoe to tease and tempt the guards
    A good realistic storyline where the lovely ladies are on a real mission to get passed the guards
    Plenty of kicks and. groin kicks and lovely Karate chops to finally knock the guards out
    Lots of banter and flirting with the guards before they strike the final blows
    Some new and fit male actors ... (we have seen some of them soo many times)
    Can we have more of the goons only wearing T shirts (or the black body armour tops they wore in the last film if that helps with being thrown around)
    .. and for me most IMPORTANT of all more final KO's where the goons slide slowly down a wall

    Wouldn't all of the above sprinkled with the stunning scantily dressed Kandygirls of course be a nice Xmas surprise for our male Kandyfans ???

    .... but I still think if the Goons that are KO'd are fit blokes it makes

  • Oh YES - Vixen in a latex catsuit - now that's what I call a Christmas WISH :D

    Can't wait to see the video! My mind's already blown just thinking about it :P

  • Jessie Jay may say 'It's all about the money' …........ but SBM would say 'It's all about the Knockout'

    If any of you guys have any links to long slow KO's of Goons or Guards slowly sliding down a wall knocked out cold feel free to post a link

    Better still if we know of any such KO's in past Kick ass films that I may have missed please point me in the right direction

    ... It's all about the KO !!!!!!!!

  • That blows my mind!

  • That blows my mind!

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    Thank you very much!!!

    BTW, the picture you posted on twitter is even better. ;)

    It is isn't it! maybe people should join us on Twitter :) @kickasskandy

  • Nice one Kandyman - you certainly do listen …. I look forward to seeing this film when it is released.
    Good God Vixen does look hot in that outfit, and a new goon being knocked out sliding down a wall ... I'm very impressed.

    If you could incorporate more of these slides down walls/pillars/gates filmed showing the goon slide slowly I (and many other fans) would be delighted !!!!

    Another suggestion in a recent thread was to have the sexy girls either moving the out cold goons, or removing keys, guns, radios etc from the guards belts ... now that would make any film even better.

    Merry Christmas from a Happy female fan :-)

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    Thank you very much!!!

    BTW, the picture you posted on twitter is even better. ;)

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    ….and don't say we never listen! this is a shoot we did with Vixen at the weekend, it was a custom shoot for a good friend of the site and he was happy for us to introduce this move. As its a custom it won't be released for a while but when it does it'll blow your minds!!

  • @Dfingo:


    And Scarru, talk about laying your cards on the table!
    I have to admire your honesty and agree about the traffic wardens.

    Many thanks Dfingo, although ive not quite layed every card on the table and still holding on to a few, but yeah ive never had any problem disclosing a few basic details, mind you I wouldnt stretch as far to adding personnel phone numbers or credit card details …......................and as for traffic wardens then glad you agree mate as i must say i rate them along the same lines as spammers and as you may have noticed i dont think too highly of them either,..... pond life would be the best way to describe them i suppose, and about as welcomed as accidently treading in a big fat steaming turd...........with bare feet

    Unlike spammers there are still some good traffic wardens out there dont get me wrong but majority seem to act like jumped up little hitlers who just make peoples life a misery, as are wheel clampers who stoop to such depths as clamping ambulances out on call simply for the revenue it can bring them.................the dirty horrible scumbags.

    I wont go on too much though as ill end up writing a five page rant on the topic.......................however what would be great to see though is a kak production where the girls dish out some well deserved punishment on traffic wardens or wheel clampers, or better still having kak + bak team up to kick ten tons of shit out of both and brutally annihilating every single one without mercy and see how they bloody like it , now that would be something to treasure, i mean if anyone deserves a damn good festive slaying its got to be them.

    Think its safe to say though most people agree in that


  • That's interesting to hear that I am not the only Kandyfan that sometimes enjoys the final blow, and the actual KO as much as the whole fight sequence.

    I totally agree with the comments about the best KO ever in any film was the goon on the back of the lorry trailer gadget that was given a final Karate chop that knocked him out, and sent him slowly sliding down a wall.
    I would have thought such a KO is easier for the stuntman, and looks so realsitic and good.
    With the final shot filmed between the Kandygirls legs it was even better.

    Some long slow KO's in 2012 films in this style would be just great !!!!!

  • @skybluemayo:

    Also I wonder does anybody else enjoy the actual Knock out as much as the fight ?? The kicks are punches etc are great, but I have to say sometimes my favourite bit is the final KO blow … and the way that the goon falls or slides down a wall out cold. Any one agree or have similar thoughts ??

    Well i have to agree with you here SBM as i do seem to get better enjoyment from the final blow scene than the fighting itself, not that i dont enjoy the fighting action far from it but the final beatdown part is always something special.
    As for the sliding down preference then i would prefer to see the goons slump to their knees and slide down holding on to the leg of the female who just administered the final blow rather than against bricks and mortar, but thats just my preference really.


    Ps. we all know, or should know by now, that SBM is a female fan. But what about everyone else? I for one would be interested to know more about the Board Members.

    Well im happy to oblige DG, so here you go then.

    User name…......................................Scarru...........(which ive never liked btw)

    Real name….......................................Scott

    Sex….................................................None since the missus buggered off a few years ago, so yes please

    Alternative meaning ….......................Bloke

    Age….................................................6 or 7 going by what i post, but officially Early 40' in 43

    Current residence…............................A place called South Oxhey which is in Hertfordshire, near Watford and about 45 mins from good old London Town

    Up to date Weather condition…............Pissing it down...............yet again

    Marital status…..................................2 attempts but not having much luck in this field so far,....... no idea why.

    Employment status….........................working nights as a product controller at a well known retail company within the farming industry whose name rhymes with "Hairy Chest" and they have a outlet at Hillingdon (which is where i am btw)

    Hobbies…...........................................Breathing, eating jaffa cakes, annoying traffic wardens, and everything to do with kak of course

    Fav KAK girls…....................................AJ (of course) and Red are the top two, then Silver + Vixen

    Fav KAK film….....................................All i can say is It features Vixen and being released very soon............????.........

    Dislikes…............................................Traffic wardens (because they are all bastards) Spammers (because i just do), bare feet fighting (because its just wrong)

    Guinea Pig Abuse….............................Well none i can think of,..........(however, and this is a true story aswell, but apparently when i was very small i tried to give our pet cat 'fluffy' a bath...........although beleive it or not i was actually using the toilet to bath him in, no idea why i just was, anyway whilst carrying out this task of given our puss a makeover i inadvertently nearly flushed poor 'fluffy' down the pan in the process, i honestly dont remember doing this myself although i was only 5 at the time but often reminded of this foul deed by my mum who still obviously hasnt forgiven me thirty odd years later.........neither did 'Fluffy' the cat you wont be surprised to hear)..........................


    It appears we share the same month for a birthday, regrettably mine will not be 30 though. Well, it will be, you just have to add a bit more on top.

    Seems like January is a popular month to be born in then as that makes three of us…......mines the 31st Jan btw

  • Oh dear, Skybluemayo, you probably just put all Kandyman's stunt guys noses out of joint and distroyed their egos far more than AJ or Vixen ever managed ! You obviously set a high standard - not that I can talk - with the boot on the other foot as it were, I'm quite picky about the looks of the girls in videos I buy, so can totally appretiate where your coming from.

    Like you, I like the girls to be georgeous and scantily clad :D I definitely think it improves the video if the Goons are also fit and well built so they at least look like they might stand a chance against the girls. And it's no good having the fit stuntguys if you can't tell that they are because they are wearing baggy clothing that hides any body tone they may have, so why not T shirts - after all - if it's good enough for the girls to have to wear tank tops and leggings or mini skirts, I'm sure the guys will survive wearing a T shirt !

    On that thought my mind just wandered off on a tangent (as it does some times :ioi: ) - may be Kandyman would consider an episode called "Baywatch Kick Ass" with hunky guys in board shorts for SBM and the girls in high leg swim suits and heels for me - the girls go undercover in the surf club to knock out (literally) a drug dealing ring - run by Colonel Badass of corse so there is a bit of FvF for me after the girls have demolished all the hunky goons for SBM - just a thought :p

    Err … what was I saying .... BTW - that random thought came courtesy of DG's comment re. trousers, or the lack of them, near the top of this thread ...... errr .... oh yes .... T shirts, etc .... to be honest I think Kandyman actually has some reasonably fit guys in his videos - there are certainly a lot worse out there appearing in videos :(

    For me it is better if the guys at least look like they have a chance and the fight goes back and forth a bit - as a f-m fight I really liked the bit in "Sex, Lies and Kick Ass" where Vixen takes on 3 guys at once - they even manage to land a couple of shots on her before she takes them apart. The way she, almost callously, finishes them off really sets the scene for later on when the tables are turned and Red hands Vixen much the same treatment. I really thought the guys in the 3 on 1 fight would have pleased you SBM .


    Also I wonder does anybody else enjoy the actual Knock out as much as the fight ?? The kicks are punches etc are great, but I have to say sometimes my favourite bit is the final KO blow … and the way that the goon falls or slides down a wall out cold. Any one agree or have similar thoughts ??

    I have to say I hadn't really thought too deeply about this before but on reflection, yes - I agree, but with the gender roles reversed, which I suppose is logical. In the case of FvM where the male loses I'm not too fussed, but in the case of FvF, and MvF where the female loses, I like to see the KO shot and the aftermath, be it slide down the wall, falls to the floor or whatever, and a bit of footage of the unconcious loser, ideally being draged or carried away unconcous and helpless to whatever fate the victor has in mind for them. That said, I can totally apretiate that you would like seeing the corresponding footage for the male losers going down :)

    Its a pity the video of this bit of the action didn't make it into the final cut -

  • Good replies guys, especially you Dizzygoon … you always make me smile. I dont feel at all sorry for the stuntmen only wearing T shirts ... a good beating would soon warm them up.
    Kandyman - The mistletoe is optional, the girls can of course flirt ... tease .. and distract the guards with their amazing Bodies/Outfits.

    In response to DG - I can advise I am a Female fan (very late 20's as in 30 next month) .. and I just love the girls to be gorgeus and scantily clad ... but I must request AGAIN that the guys are too.

    Would any male fans agree that for completely different reasons it does add to the film if the hot ladies are knocking out hunky well built goons . Doesn't it make the whole thing even more enjoyable, rather than seeing them KO an overweight or wimpy looking male stunt man ?????

    Also I wonder does anybody else enjoy the actual Knock out as much as the fight ?? The kicks are punches etc are great, but I have to say sometimes my favourite bit is the final KO blow ... and the way that the goon falls or slides down a wall out cold. Any one agree or have similar thoughts ??

  • Thanks for sorting that out Scarru. I used to get images to work OK on the old forum. I think Mediafire have changed the format a bit and the correct link is harder to find now - or it's so long since I last posted an image that I had forgotten =(

    I have gone back and corrected the link in the original post so the images now work :p

    In reply to DG, I came out to Australia with my parents many, many years ago when I was an "ankle biter", so have no idea why we got off the boat in the West - probably the first place we could get off! Not withstanding that - it is a great place to live with a (generally) lovely climate and a relaxed lifestyle. =D

  • @Darklord:

    I'm darned if I can get the images to work =(

    Here you go DL

  • I'm darned if I can get the images to work =(

    Just use the links below and that should get you there


    if they don't appear in the original post correctly

  • All this talk of Christmas got me thinking - as soon as I read this thread I thought of the current page on my callander and what a couple of Kandygirls would look like in this outfit =D

    (dammm - why did they have to put the days there - just getting to the interesting bit :( - looks like she's got great legs)

    Christmas Special scenario :-
    Bad Ass girls have stolen all the presents, and beaten the stuffing out of Santa to boot. The KAK girls arrive in the guise of Santa's Helpers, and take out the BAK goons and girls and save Christmas, leaving the BAK girls tied up and struggling in gift wrap for the Police to collect. "Think that about wraps up Christmas" as a parting comment from the KAK girls.

    Another thought on the KAK Santa's Helpers -

    Love to see her doing some high kicks =D


    The gorgeous Kandy girls wearing stockings.

    I'm with you there SBM :P


    …without shoes/boot...

    Sorry Andrea not for me - got to be in HEELS - they just improve the line and movement of the body SO much - adds to the sexiness of the whole thing so much - heels essential ;)


    “Boo” to bare feet (and “No” to FvF). Actually I’m relaxed although the “ring fight” films for me are the weakest although I accept for others perhaps the strongest.

    Totally agree with you on the bare feet and the "ring fight" thing, but have to agree to disagree where FvF is concerned - a big YES from me :P - I'm with Jade Owl on that all the way!


    Ps. we all know, or should know by now, that SBM is a female fan. But what about everyone else? I for one would be interested to know more about the Board Members.

    I will open the batting.

    Fair enough - I'm a bloke, mid 50's =( , medium height, born in the UK but resident in Western Australia. My two passions are gorgeous sexy ladies like the Kandy Girls, and trains (especially steam trains).

    Next ….....

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    Well, if we're making Christmas lists, I hope DG will forgive me for saying that FvF is right at the top of mine, along with "ring fighting" films. ;)

    Another thing I'd like to find under my Christmas tree would be a video with a redheaded Kandygirl.

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    Loving your wishlist SBM…. we're not ones for doing anything the right way so perhaps we'll have a Christmas special some time in the Spring.... and who knows, the mistletoe may play a very big part.

    Anyway - as far as stockings go... did nobody see my evil twin brother's offering BAD ASS 911 on badasskandy?

  • OMG!!!!
    I'm absolutely in according with you skybluemayo!!
    What incredible gift it would be.
    Kandygirls finally wearing stocking, beating down many big men!!
    I love everything in your post, only I would like also a part in a ring or similar without shoes/boot but wearing stocking. This is not so important, the important is: kandygirls in stocking.
    Bye to everyone!!

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