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  • Will there be a Kick Ass Kandy/Bad Ass Kandy Facebook page at any point in the near future?

  • People were worried about this group being seen by outsiders on their Facebook pages so, not knowing that there is a way to create a secret group that nobody but its members can see, somebody created a closed group page, which isn't totally invisible, and some of its members unnecessarily created separate accounts that nobody but they themselves knew about in order to avoid being questioned by friends and family about the current KAK/BAK closed group (Again,not completely invisible to outsiders.) page on Facebook. I'm just saying the option is there for a completely secret one. That's all.

  • Last night, I noticed that there's a way to make a group page secret so that nobody but its members can see anything from it. As you, an open group page allows outsiders to see everything, a closed group page allows them to see the group and who's in it, but a secret page allows only members to see everything. Nobody who isn't a member can see anything. How's about a secret page?

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    You mean at 2'23" in this here Wiley - Cash in my Pocket video??

  • Of course TOMMOROW I will do it. Still smarting at being recognised in the Wiley video lol

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    Colosbor…. are you in creation mode?

  • If you can find a Facebook Viral Script, everyone who clicks "Like" will have the link automatically posted on their wall for all their friends to see. I reckon more traffic to here will be had.

  • YEAH!!! WOOT!!! WOOT!!! :)

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    Why not mate, why not!

  • do you want me to set one up MR KANDYMAN As a fan page ? as i practically live on there

  • Try it again! I'll join! :)

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    We did try it once but nobody wanted to join! that's why we do Twitter more - @kickasskandy

  • that would be awesome

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