My Screenplay - Zombie Killer Zombie

  • This is a screenplay pitch I wrote I've abandoned due to lack of interest. But I think it's good and that you guys might enjoy it.

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    I'd love to make a Zombie movie, just trying to find stunt men with removable heads.

  • Sorry, the formatting didn't stick but you get the idea.

  • @Skyline:

    FADE IN:


    The skyline is broken by small patches of light and fumes
    on smoke from fires all across the city.


    A POLICE OFFICER in heavy armour stops to catch his breath.

    He takes off his helmet and gasps, he is too tired to stand
    back up -

    When he sees the slow shuffling figure of a ZOMBIE woman
    coming towards him.

    He raises his pistol at her.


    The Zombie groans at him.

    Now he has to run. He forces himself to run through the

    He quick turns into a dark alley.

    He stops and grabs a rusty pipe. He readies himself to

    But he can hear the familiar sound of groaning and dragging
    feet. He has to turn around to be sure.

    Because behind him is an army of Zombies coming his way. He
    must run again.

    But in front of him, the Zombie woman has found him. He has
    nowhere to run.

    The pipe drops and clangs on the ground.

    The Zombie woman winks at the policeman.

    She lifts up dual Micro Uzis and opens fire -

    • the cop ducks -

    And the gunfire tears up the zombie horde.

    He gets the chance to look up -

    The Zombie woman ceases fire and dashes towards him.

    She jumps, using him as a springboard and leaps high into
    the air.

    As she seems to float through the air, she points the Uzis
    at the Zombies again.

    The bullets cut through them like butter.


    They are empty.

    She lands on the ground on the other side of the
    devastation. Poised ready to fight.

    She doesn’t even look up, she just waits for the dozen
    remaining to come to her.

    Their arms outstretched, their mouths open -

    The cop almost tells her to move.

    But she flips up - kicking a zombie into the air.

    She punches and kicks, taking them down so fast they

    The cop crawls towards her.

    She punts a zombie's head clean off -

    It lands just in front to him, staring up at him with a
    horrified look on it’s face.

    The woman picks up her Uzis and holsters them on her back.

    She starts back in the cop’s direction, slow like a zombie

    He scurries into a corner as she passes.

    She doesn’t even look at him.

    He can only sit there, with no idea what to do.

    Beside him, the zombies start to move.

    He jumps up and runs after her.

    CUT TO:


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