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    You'll be delighted to know, that after popular request, Cat and Athena will be available in 100 schoolgirl action stills on Friday!

  • I had the hangover from hell today so hair of the dog and all that

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    You really are back on the booze aren't you Col! :)

  • had better! haha

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    She's EXTRAORDINARY isn't she!!

  • Going out Saturday for the birthday will be a month without a beer pets place is all his own so no other companies to ask permission and is 3 times the size.

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    Its missing you too! We're waiting for the winter to pass so we can all wear our skimpy little outfits again! probably looking at Spring for the new shoot schedule. Let us know about Pete's new location, it sounds frickin' unbelievable!!

    How was your birthday and are the rumours true that you've given up the booze?


  • Saturdays are better than Sunday's and I'm at petes new place soon to have a snoop

  • When are we gonna shoot some photos Kandyman I'm missing it

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