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  • Hi folks, I was wondering if you could help me out. So far I've only seen one of your movies, The Wizard of Kick Ass, which I went for because it has Lucy Zara wearing something rubbery. Seemed like as good a reason as any to pick, well, anything really. I could watch her doing her taxes in that outfit. Could watch it twice if she was chewing her pen. Having seen that movie though I can't even begin to decide what movie to go for next.

    The reason I thought I'd ask you for a bit of help picking the next movie is that, oddly enough for somebody perusing this site, I'm not actually massively wedded to the whole women fighting kink. I know, how weird is that right? What I do like however is the kind of femme fatale sneaking around, dropping sentries undetected kind of thing. In the Wizard of Kick Ass for example my favourite bit was the totally Russ Meyer worthy scene with Lucy mesmerising a guard with her boobs, like something out of a '60s spy flick.

    So anywho, I was wondering if there were any other movies that were like that one? Or that have scenes like that one? In other words that are focussed on stealthy goon removal rather than face to face fighting. I don't mind the fighting, it's just that it's not something that I'm that into. Which is probably a good thing because if it was, and I was here, I'd probably go blind.

    Also do many other movies have a voice over? I thought that was great too.

    Any and all help much appreciated. :)

  • Well Dogfish I have to agree my favourite films are those that feature the girls knocking out any number of guards / goons.
    It is good to see some great realistic fighting, but I prefer the films where there is also a story involving the gorgeus Kandygirls working their way into an armed building, knocking guards out as they go.
    I also agree with your admiration of the Wizard of Kickass. I'm sure when it was released it was slightly criticised for the fighting techniques not being up to the normal standard, but I really enjoyed the whole plot with gorgeus leather clad Lucy working her way through a building full of guards. I too particularly enjoyed the final scene where she simply mesmerises a young guard with her boobs … absolute classic. Some more of this would be just great ... can't recall seeing this in any other film.

    Thanks Darklord for advising of other such films featuring a series of guards being knocked out.. I shall have a look at them again.

    If anyone knows of any others featuring guards ... or scenes where the goons slide down a wall out cold slowly (my other little favourite !!!) please advise as I may well have missed them.

  • Thanks for the info. I shall investigate. :D

    It's a shame Youtube munched some of the trailers. :(

  • Hi there Dogfish - welcome :)

    Lucy Zara wearing something rubbery - that sounds like an excellent reason to buy a video to me :D

    "Snow White and the 7 Kick Ass" would tick all your boxes as it is more of the same, featuring Lucy taking out sentries, with a voice-over, and rubber cat suit. The first 30 seconds or so with the getting out of bed and getting dressed scene are "recycled" from "Wizard" but once the action starts its all new.

    "From Russia with Kick Ass" has Kix and Sydney in catsuits sneaking around eliminating sentries one on one before ganging up on the head "bad guy". Sydney looks spectacular in her silver catsuit :D :D

    I would be totally remiss if I did not mention one of my all time favourites - "Rebel Without a Kick Ass" - featuring the absolutely delightful AJ taking out the sentries one on one and one on two to save the day. Yes - there is a voice over, but sorry no rubber catsuit, just AJ looking georgeous in a form fitting mini dress, tights and boots :P

    Thinking of AJ, and more specifically AJ in a catsuit - mmmmmm nice ! :P - "Citizen Kick Ass" should be on this list as it has a catsuit clad femme fatale slinking around eliminating sentries with a voice over.

    I'm sure Kandyman and the other forumites can add further suggestions vor your viewing pleasure :)

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