Shorts and Short Skirts

  • @Ejfuf534:

    “would never buy any product with girls wearing shorts under skirts”

    The comment quoted above appeared recently on the “Scooby Kick Ass” photo set promo page of this site and it prompted me to start this thread as this matter had been on my mind for some time and evidently I am not the only one.

    While I wouldn’t be as categorical as Ejfuf534, and I find short shorts sexy and short skirts even more so, they really do not go well together, in my humble opinion. This is particularly the case when the shorts are worn under the “school-girl” skirts, as being a completely different colour they are quite obvious at times. In fact, unfortunately they even appear when the girls are not doing anything particularly athletic, such as in the photo below

    I appreciate there are modesty issues to consider, but there has to be a better way. At least I assume that is where this is coming from.

    Looking back at some of the earlier videos, this seems to be a more recent phenomenon. See the screen grabs below of AJ in “Rebel without a Kick Ass”. She is wearing pantyhose (great) but there are certainly no shorts under that skirt :D

    Likewise in the image below of Agent Jessica in “It’s A Wonderful Kick Ass”….

    or “High School Kick Ass”….

    or "The Silence of the Kick Ass" …

    there are no shorts in sight.

    I noticed in “Mission Kick Ass” HiKix is wearing shorts under her skirt. In this case it is less obvious than with the “school girl” skirts, as this skirt is also black, but it still detracts.

    Surely a leotard or swimsuit under the skirt would be just as suitable and less obtrusive and sexier. If the costume calls for a bear midriff, the bottom half of a two piece leotard or bikini would suffice. Any colour you like but black would be my preference.

    The scene the above image is from where her tight skirt rides up while kicking the crap out of the villain would have been VERY sexy with her wearing a black leotard, or something more feminine, under the skirt.

    If the shorts HAVE to stay, perhaps skin tone ones would be better.

  • I will always love seeing a nice girl in shorts, I know that the top percentile like high boots and leather but I have always been a bare legged and short skirt guy, at the end of the day its the girl being gorgeous with their naturally beautiful skin, not the desginer tailor wear…

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    I hear what you're saying Dark Lord but the girls decide what they're most comfortable in and its their prerogative.

  • I'm for whatever keeps the girls comfortable. I'm happy to just look at them

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