BAD ASS CITY FINALE - 3 Girl Action Finale out now

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    This starts with one of my all time favourite single punch knockouts - Amazon at her best!


    The hottest girls fighting in the world! Amazon returns to deadly action with Silver and Gold to destroy the saboteurs at Badass Corp. Can this deadly all female force of lethal martial artists rip apart these highly trained men?This is girl fighting at its best and nobody looks better in a catsuit than the badass girls!

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    Thanks SBM.

  • Really enjoyed BAdass City The Finale …. it had a bit of everything with various KO's and wow some amazing skin tight outfits on the ladies. The setting of goons hanging around a building being crept up on by the gorgeous girls is a good plot, The only slight tweeks that I would enjoy Kandyman to please me even more are ..
    1. Goons in uniforms such as guards, with radios and keys (which the ladies could help themselves to after each KO
    2. More KO's where the Dizzy Goon's (great log on name) slide down a wall or pillar. THis film had numerous golden opportunities eg There was a KO against a metal pillar and the goon spun round and fell to the floor. It would have been easier for him as a stuntman and looked much more more realistic a KO if he simply slid down the pillar with the camera on him as he slid.

    PS If only for the amazing skin tight outfits I recommend you guys buy this great film

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