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    In probably the most hotly anticipated movie of the year….the incredible Emmanuelle's Indecent Kickass - OUT NOW!

  • I've purchased and enjoyed many of your videos, but hands down this one has to be the best. Emanuelle is fabulous, the flexibility (you don't see this in your other vid's) and how she uses it, sexiness and femininity is awesome. I like how the guy tries to fight back but to no avail. Great job guys

  • Best one so far by far. Why? Because she is beautiful, flexible and incredibly sexy… but above all feminine and she can hit hard.
    I finder her sexy, seductive and, once again, very feminine (and to me this is the key factor) there's a big difference between acting sexy and being feminine... then the fact that she can hit hard brings everything together in the perfect package. It is the combination of softness and strength that I find so alluring.
    I have hardly bought any videos lately, and I know we all have different opinions, but if you can have her in solo mission defeating multiple opponents by seducing them, teasing them and then destroying them I will buy them all with no hesitation.
    Thank you, all the best.

  • I'll have to get around to purchasing this clip later this week when I've got some free time, aka when my 1 yr old daughter isn't covering me in snot from her cold…

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    I bought this on Friday but just now got around to seeing it. It was wonderful. Emmanuelle’s moves are absolutely amazing.

    The only thing that kept bugging me was that I kept wondering… Why would anybody cheat on a girl that looks like that? Makes no sense. :D

    Unless, of course, it was with another Kandygirl. Had to have been one of the BAK girls, am I right? ;)

  • Kman!

    Damn you people are quiet… Great film ( top 5 for me )


  • Looks like another amazing find by you Kandyman.

    Roll on Friday. :)

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    I'm really looking forward to this!

  • Kman that is why you are the best bro!

    You give us what we want and never fail to dissapoint.

    Thanks a million! Respond to my email by the way if you could.


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