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    This Friday on KICKASSKANDY.COM it gets RED HOT!!! but Sshhhhh you forumites can get it 24 hours earlier at BADASSKANDY.COM!

  • does she absorb any hits to those amazing abs of hers in the video? I always love that part, but haven't bought the video yet..

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    Those Abs will get a Knighthood one day. Unbelievable arent they!

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    I bought and watch this last night after coming home from seeing The Avengers, so it was all-around an spectacular night!

    Red & Gold were both wonderful! But of course it was Red's abs that stole the show completely. ;)

    And the wonderful choreography did nothing but highlight the girls extraordinary athleticism. I can't wait for their next outing. Hopefully it will be F/F.

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    OK, this one is definitively going into the buy list, for the girls's outfits alone. :cool:

    It's been far too long without Red's abs! ;)

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