Alison Carroll AKA Lara Croft Photoset!

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    Star of movie Amsterdam Heavy and latest Lara Croft model for Tombraider Video game…... we have Alison Carroll. 100 High Res action stills for only £3.99!

  • I finally got around to buying the photo set - I bought the movie some time ago when it came out. As the others have said - Alison is georgeous and amazing :D

    Thanks for including the photos of her without the shorts in the photoset Kandyman :) She is sooooo sexy in just that rubber bodysuit ! I assume these were shot during rehersals. Not that I have anything against the shorts used in the final take - she looks GREAT in them and they are most appropriate in this scinario - mind you - personally, I would still have shot the whole thing without them :p

  • Well crikey those pics look really good and congratlations Kandyman on the recruitment of another stuntman / Goon.
    He looks really good, you kept him very quiet from me !!!!! He looks like exactly what I have been suggesting ….... lets see more of him please ... but not wearing Painters overalls please !!!!
    Can't wait for the film ..... When will it be available ???

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    Really Dddingo, pray tell :)

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    Seven Hells!!! This one is going to be epic!

    I just finished looking over the photoset. It is awesome! :cool:

    I can only imagine what she will look like in motion. Oustanding craftmanship Kandyman! Congratulations to all involved! :D

    BTW, just out of curiosity, what's the name of Alison's character?

  • OMG! I just looked through the set I purchased. She's like superhuman! My dream girl! An inspiration for me to produce artwork of her. I saw her doing stuff like that when she was Lara Croft but seeing her jumping around in high heeled boots is just such a turn on!!!!!! I've said it before and I'll say it again but thanks Kandyman!

  • I'm drooling!!!!!!!!

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    She's a real treasure mate!

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    You Sir, always knows how to cheer up a man. :D

    What an excellent way to start the week. :cool:

    I can't wait to get home and downloading this one.

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