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    We were just sent this by our friend Mark….its incredible!

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    Someone in the OldiesButGoodies board posted more info on the girl. Here is her blog: Irmak İpek Altın

  • Absolutely incredible, many thanks!!!!!

  • You weren't kidding Kandyman, this is amazing. You must film a Kick Ass Kandy remake of this commerical (with the Kandy Girl in thigh boots of course!) including all the detail of the martial arts moves displayed by the girl in this ad. No matter what she's selling I'll buy it!

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    At least she let the poor bastard live. ;) :lol:

    Anyone here fluent enough in Turkish to let us know what the video is about? Besides the awesomeness?

  • It's amazing what women will do if you touch their Primark dress

  • That was amazing. Many thanks for posting.

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