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    GYMNASTIC ACTION - in keeping with the high standards of AC's acrobatics, Silver shows off her incredible athleticism, gymnastic, acrobatic action. Her flexibility is incredible.

    and Gold gets some heavy duty action in too, including this incredible feat of strength.

    Gymnastic mixed fighting action with the incredibly flexible, high kicking Silver and Gold! They're on the search for a real man at the boxing gym but will any of them shape up to the task? Amazing girl fight action as Silver beats up 3 guys at the same time and Gold destroys 2 men with total ease!

  • No doubt the best BAK clip yet. Silver looks amazing in that outfit and I absolutely loved the 3-on-1 scene. Please give use more of a single Kandy girl taking on multiple goons. Not forgeting Gold's best performance to date, she has also really upped the severity of her fighting skills. Great move with Gold grabbing the goons hand and using strength to then punch the bad guy in his face with his own fist. This movie best typifies the

  • Ohhh myyy goshhh - I absolutely love Silver in that outfit :D Sooo sexy. Thanks for putting in the scene with the girls walking up the stairs - that is what stairs were invented for - beautiful woman to walk up! :D :D :D

    Worth the money just to watch Silver - all the rest was a bonus !

    Silver's athleticism, flexibility and gymnastic ability is a real eye opener - most impressive :) Have to get her and Allison together - preferably vs each other - that would be amazing.

  • For the actions, absolutely amazing. Silver and Gold in one of the best performance I've never seen!! Andrea.

  • This is AWESOME!
    I have to admit i have been a little bit disappointed(ok it's not the right word maybe less thrilled than usual) these days, and this one delivers!
    Attitude is awesome, outfits are awesome, fights are awesome. And attitude is really awesome!
    I wasn't the biggest fan of Gold so far but she shines so much in this one!
    And Silver is perfect(that outfit…).

    Keep up with movies like that guys!

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