OCTOKANDY is here!!!

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    This coming Friday is the premeir of Octokandy - our tribute to the greatest Bond Girl of them all - Kristina Wayborn AKA Madga from Octopussy. Red pays homage to Magda in the photoset and film by taking on all her men in the famous pink Sari immortalised by the high kicking Bond girl herself.

    PHOTOSET , previously released on Bad Ass Kandy, is now debuting on Kick Ass andy and is OUT NOW….FILM IS OUT FRIDAY!!

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    Kind words Jade Owl - for me, this is one of my favourite films and not just because Red is looking fabulous but it combines the athleticism, humour and violence in just the right ratios!

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    This video was a lot of fun!

    Not only were the action and comedic elements up to par, but the unique outfit was tailor made (pardon the pun ;) ) to emphasize Red's greatest physical attribute after her gorgeous face: her magnificent abs.

    Besides that, the welcome trend of the guys managing to get at least one hit in, even if they pay dearly for it afterwards, continues. The particular way in which one of the "guys" manages to do it in this this video, and Red's reaction to it, are sidesplittingly funny.

    I wholeheartedly recommend this video to everyone.

  • Olive's looking a lot better these days.

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    Great news!

    Something to look forward to all week. ;)

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