Between a boot and a hard place

  • Pearson waited inside his office, hoping his mercenaries could repel the men that were attacking his mansion. Suddenly, a powerful blow took the locked door off its hinges.

    What he saw was the most incredible vision in his life. Standing over the fallen door was a tall, unmistakably feminine figure. An athletic young blonde woman, scantily clad in a minimalistic black leather outfit. She was beautiful beyond imagination, yet she was not even 25 years old.

    The young blonde stood about 5'10 and had an astonishing physique. Her body was shaped like an hourglass but had larger than average muscles, which revealed dedication to the gym but without being disproportionate as female bodybuilders.

    Her face was intoxicatingly beautiful. She had deep, blue eyes, luscious red lips, perfectly waxed eyebrows, and long eyelashes. Her long blond hair was as if taken straight from a shampoo add, running down to the bottom of her shoulder blades. Her back was V shaped and muscular, narrowing to a slender 23" waist.

    The blonde's washboard, six-pack abdomen was fully displayed thanks to her mini top, which left all her stomach exposed. Her ass was large, at 36", perfectly round and impossibly hard, but not out of proportion with her sharp curves. The young woman was wearing skin tight leather hot pants that barely covered the bottom of her ass and had a low waistline. She wore a black belt with a rather large buckle. She also had a small piercing under her belly button.

    She had long, shapely legs, perfectly sculpted by years of intense weight training, with powerful muscles that were harder than rocks.

    Her biceps and forearms were slightly larger than the average woman when relaxed, however, when flexed they would swell moderately and become rock-hard. Her hands were delicate, with perfectly manicured, strong, long red nails.

    But by far her most exuberant physical attributes were her voluminous breasts, a whooping 40DD. Despite their enormous size they were completely upright, round and firm: a true challenge to the laws of gravity.

    The gorgeous young woman immodestly displayed her over-sized jugs by wearing a small leather halter top with a plunging neck line that provided a breathtaking view of her two huge melons touching in the mid-line. Given the size of her bust, the leather fabric was only able to cover its center, with the sides generously extending towards her underarm. The woman's prodigious breasts looked as if they were going to spill out of the minuscule garment clinging tightly to them, inexplicably able to contain them.

    The buxom young woman seemed well aware of the effect her well-endowed chest had on men. As if this wasn't enough of a sight, she liked projecting them forward by holding air in her chest. She was not wearing a bra, and her erect nipples were more than apparent through the black leather.

    The man's eyes were instantly drawn to the woman's opulent bosom. He was drooling over the dramatic cleavage and only wanted to bury his head in it. It angered him that she purposefully tortured him, that she brazenly displayed her massive breasts as a symbol of her physical and sexual power. Suddenly he felt an uncontrollable urge to take her.

    He admired the rest of the statuesque body, the beautiful white skin that appeared so soft and well taken care of. He realized that asides from her minuscule top and ridiculously small hot pants, this woman was not wearing anything else.

    Except for her boots.

    The man had never seen such an imposing view: these were a pair of magnificent black leather thigh high boots that fit her long, robust legs snugly, thanks to her well-developed thigh and calf musculature. The leather reached a couple of inches above her knees, exposing almost all her powerful thighs, and allowing one to get a good look at the sheets of powerful muscle underneath her skin.

    These were a perfect example of "fuck me boots", with pointy toes and spiky 5" stilettos. She was already taller than most men, and the high heels made the effect even more dramatic.

    Her sexy thigh high boots made her look truly intimidating.

    Again, he felt the urge to take this woman and lick her boots, suck her toes and put the stilettos inside his mouth.

    The gorgeous young woman saw this reaction and sensually walked two steps forward, swaying her hips and deliberately clicking her stilettos on the hard floor, stepping over the door and producing a loud sound in the process. She stood with her legs slightly spread, her hands on her hips, her chest menacingly pointing at the men.

    "So… do you like my bootbs?" she tempted him.

    The man could not make out if she had said "boots" or "boobs".

    There she was, defiantly standing in front of him, a woman that was a combination of youth, impossible beauty, voluptuousness, and overwhelming physical and sexual power. An oversexed porn star with more than perfect measurements, 40DD-23-36, who seemed to live life to the extreme. He had no doubt that this woman had fucked more men over the past year, than him and the two other men in the room together.

    Wait a second! Pearson came back to reality. What are you doing here! And who brought my door down! As soon as my men finish with these intruders, I am going to have fun with you darling!

    The young woman smiled. She had the most beautiful smile he'd ever seen.

    "My name is Samantha Strong. I am an elite commando, leader of the rapid strike forces. There are no intruders, no "men" attacking your bunker. It is only me". She paused to allow the information to sink, while gently stroking her blond hair.

    "I know it is hard for you to believe that a woman that looks like a porn star/super model is a lethal operative. But I have trained almost all my life and mastered various forms of hand to hand combat and martial arts. I've done extensive physical training several hours a day for years, which has made me very strong. Three years ago I was asked to join the forces, and right away took over its leadership. I have done hundreds of raids like this one by myself. Killed thousands of men over the past 3 years. I might be young, but I am very experienced in what I do. And I have enjoyed every bit of it".
    She spoke assertively, with a calm but strong voice...

    "I have decimated your forces. All your guards are dead or in the process of dying" she continued. "Oh! And I kicked your door down!"

    "What! Are you out of your mind? I have more than 30 guards out there. No one can do this by himself, let alone a woman! What are you doing here?!" He demanded.

    "You’ll understand better once I beat your ass and have you on the floor under my boot. I have come here to kill you and your men. I'm almost done with my mission. If you cooperate, I'll make this as quick and painless as possible. If you don't, I promise you'll suffer a lot of pain".

    She then addressed the two guards: "I'll give you the chance to surrender. There is no way you can walk away from here alive, but come to me now and I promise you won't feel pain. Don't suffer because of him. It’s all over. If you are good boys, I might even let you touch me!", Samantha said sensually rubbing her massive breasts with her hands.

    "We are going to tear you apart, fuck you like you never were, and then kill you, you fucking slut!" said Pearson.

    "I can't wait! The three things I like the most in life are fighting, fucking and showing off my super-hot body. The latter I always do, as you can see" she said as she shook her voluptuous chest.

    "That only leaves fucking, which some lucky bastard will get to do as soon as I'm done with you guys. Fighting losers like you really turns me on, and now I feel very horny! You're right, I am a slut! So what! What are you going to do about it big man?"

    That was the last thing the men wanted to hear. Their lives were threatened by a gorgeous, lustful creature that exulted sensuality.

    Samantha advanced menacingly towards the men. One of them attacked first, throwing a punch at her face, which she effortlessly stopped in midair with her hand. At this point, the man felt his female opponent's power. She twisted his arm, bringing him to the ground in agonizing pain. The second man attacked her from behind, but the mighty Amazon extended her powerful leg backwards and upwards, the sole of her boot delivering a vicious kick to his chin and sending him crashing into the ground.

    The powerful young woman was pleased: in a couple of seconds and with relatively little effort, she was able to impose her unquestionable physical superiority on the two bodyguards. She knew that they would need several minutes to regain the courage and strength to attack her again.

    With the two men temporarily disabled, she boldly advanced towards Pearson. He was now scared, after witnessing the sheer amount of violence the young woman had unleashed on his two now incapacitated guards. For the first time in his life, he felt fear.

    Pearson was not the leader of the criminal ring for no reason. In addition to being a great mastermind, he was ruthless and strong. He learned various forms of hand to hand combat, and personally disciplined his men when they failed him. He was greatly feared in the underworld.

    She stopped a few centimeters from him, making the height difference more obvious. Her massive breasts projected forward, invading his personal space and almost touching his face.

    "Come on, Pearson. I'll let you hit me first!" Samantha enticed him.

    The man swung at the blonde Amazon, striking her in the abdomen. Surprisingly though, the impact did not have an effect on the female commando. In fact, he realized that her abs were very well trained.

    The buxom fighter smiled insolently: "don't waste your energy there, my abs are like rock! Try again!"

    He swung at her face, but the young woman blocked the punch, and this time delivered a right hook to his face, leaving him dazed for a few seconds.

    She waited for him to recover. Samantha did not like to strike when her opponents were dazed. "Cmon', let's grapple" and she grabbed both his hands and started working him over. The man felt her power right away, as the two bodies were locked in the struggle. He felt her powerful body pushing against his. He saw the massive breasts up close, and felt them close to his body. He was not only angry, but even more aroused.

    Samantha realized all this, and continued rubbing her body against his, letting her feel her sensuality but also her tremendous strength.

    "Do you see what I meant, Pearson? I bet you can already tell how strong I am!" Samantha not only was dominating him physically and sexually, she was also demolishing his male ego.

    Eventually the powerful vixen overcame his resistance, and brought him down. As he lay on the ground, Samantha stood up triumphantly and waited for him to get up.

    The commanding Amazon was in complete control of the situation: three men lay on the ground, completely overwhelmed by her might.

    Pearson got up and faced the imposing Amazon once again. He charged the booted woman with all his might, but she forcibly extended her muscular leg and kicked him straight in the face inflicting considerable damage and sending him flying into the ground, bleeding from his mouth and nose.

    The strong vixen watched her unfortunate victim struggle to his hands and knees and sensually walked towards him, making sure her boots made noise as she walked. She lifted her magnificent leg and placed her thigh high boot on the back of his neck. The woman extended her leg downwards, forcing the man's face on the ground.

    "Can you taste the ground? I want you to lick your own blood from the floor now!". She continued humiliating him.
    "Now turn around facing up!" she commanded.

    "Turn around, so you can feel my thigh high boot on your neck!"

    The man was not willing to cooperate, so the woman applied more pressure on the back of his neck with the arch of her boot, inflicting considerable pain.

    "If you don't turn around, I will crush your neck with my boot. You can't fight me, you know my leg is strong enough to do this" her voice was stern.

    The man complied with the gorgeous agent, and turned around. The woman now placed her thigh high boot over his neck and pressed down, partially obstructing the flow of air.

    The man started to feel the need for air and placed both hands on her mighty leg, attempting to push it away, or at least to allow him to breathe normally. He could see past the thigh high boot and the great body, that the gorgeous woman was smiling, looking straight into his eyes.

    He continued to struggle with all of his might, but even with two hands, he was unable to relieve the pressure relentlessly applied into his neck, by the woman's boot. As he struggled, he was able to feel through the leather of his gorgeous captor's thigh high boot, her hard, well developed muscles. He could now fully appreciate that this was a very powerful young woman, and that it was very likely that she would prevail.

    "What's the matter sweetie? Having a hard time breathing? Is my boot pressing your neck too hard? Am I being too rough with you?" The provocative young female enjoyed as the man desperately attempted to force her out of him.

    "Do you mind if I make a phone call" she further enticed him. And, she called operations with her tiny earpiece.

    "Yes, Miss Strong" a voice answered at the other end. "Where are you?"

    Pearson could only hear Samantha's voice, and a barely audible sound coming from her ear.

    "Hi George. I am at Pearson's bunker. I have him right here imprisoned under my thigh high boot" the booted buxom added, knowing that the man on the line would already be fantasizing about the situation.

    George imagined the situation. The commanding young Amazon standing over yet another victim. George had been lucky enough to have been fucked by Samantha a couple of times since she joined the force. He was, like all men in the department, deeply in love with her. That was his problem. He made love to her. She just fucked him for fun. But he still wished that he'd be the one in Pearson's spot.

    He wanted to caress the pointy toes, her foot, the spiky 5" stilettos, and feel the rest of her sculpted leg, touching those hard calf and thigh muscles. He wanted to rub his face onto her thigh high boots as well, smell the fresh leather. George had seen over the past 3 years that most faces that had come in contact with her boots ended up completely disfigured. He had seen the terrible damage they were capable of inflicting, and was thankful of having been allowed to be so close to them without fear of getting hurt. He wanted once again to be able to touch them, kiss them and worship them.

    He felt sorry for the men in the bunker, most of whom by now would be either dead or dying. He wondered how many lives were ended by the magnificent thigh high boots that were now oppressing Pearson. He too wanted to be oppressed by her thigh high boots. He wanted to belong to the gorgeous agent forever.

    "How many are left Miss Strong?" Despite having been fucked by the sensual agent, George always addressed her with respect. He knew that Samantha was very particular about this point, and had disciplined a few guys at the base when she felt they had crossed the line.

    But despite her evident physical superiority and position of power at work, she never bullied anyone, at least not physically. She was fully aware that even a slight pretend punch could seriously injure her less capable coworkers. But she didn't need to use brute force. She took full advantage of over expressed sexual attributes instead, to impose her will always. Sitting on someone's desk and crossing her booted legs, casually touching his leg. Or encroaching a coworker between a wall and herself. Since she was much taller than everyone, this would normally mean that the man would be confronted with her large breasts nearly touching his face, as she talked to him condescendingly. This would break any will and make any man submit. The voluptuous young woman would carry out sexual harassment and intimidation, something that was deeply engrained in her personality.

    "I've neutralized about 30. I've knocked the last two out, but I'm not finished with them yet. And poor Pearson is struggling against my mean boot, which won't let him breathe"

    George knew that "neutralized" was an euphemism for "killed".

    "What about him? Are you going to kill him?" he asked

    Samantha looked down on her victim, as she towered over him. She had both her hands placed on her hips, while her left leg efficiently pinned him down against the floor. She enjoyed feeling the man's hands through the leather, grabbing her strong calf in a futile attempt to relieve the pressure. She felt his strength, his full might focused on her leg and enjoyed the feeling of total physical, sexual and mental superiority. She looked into his eyes. He was very agitated, struggling to breathe.

    "Not yet. I want to have some fun first. At least force him to lick my boot clean and suck my toes".

    George thought he did not need to be forced to do just that. He would volunteer at any time.

    "Can you put me on loudspeaker so Pearson can hear me please?"

    "Sure. Hey Pearson, someone wants to talk to you" she said as she ruthlessly increased the pressure on the man's neck. He moaned and groaned incomprehensibly.

    "Hello Mr. Pearson! This is George, from base camp. I hear you are caught between a boot and a hard place! We can end all this. Just tell us where the other bunkers are, and I can assure that Miss Strong will be merciful".

    "Fuck you!" he managed to utter.

    "Wrong answer! Eat stiletto!" said Samantha as she pierced his flesh with her stiletto, inflicting terrible pain on her wretched victim.

    "AAAhhhhh!!!" Screamed Pearson, overwhelmed by the pain.

    George heard the poor man's screams and his struggle to breathe and to free himself. He had worked with Samantha for too long, to know that she would be able to extract the information from him. It was just a matter of time and how much pain he could tolerate.

    After a couple of minutes, Pearson screamed:

    "Please, please, I'll tell you, let me go!"

    Samantha smiled, and released the pressure to allow him to breathe better, still imprisoning him against the floor with her sensual thigh high boot.

    The man gave the locations to George.

    "Let me verify that, Miss Strong. Can you hold him a bit longer please?"

    "My pleasure" she smiled. It was not a reflexive response. She was truly enjoying herself.

    While George was at work, he heard noises and screams. The two men had been trying to get up, and had witnessed some of their former boss' ordeal. Samantha released her hold on Pearson, and faced the men.

    "Stay down!" she ordered him.

    One launched a punch to her gorgeous face. She blocked the punch and kicked the second bodyguard on the face. A loud crack was heard, announcing that his jawbone had been fractured. Blood gushed from his mouth as he fell down in agonizing pain.

    She then grabbed the other man by the neck, and using her powerful arms, wrestled him to the ground. Once both men were down, she encircled the torso of one with her booted legs, pulling his hear towards her abs facing her feet, to allow him to see her legs. Her potent thighs started crushing him with devastating power. He struggled in vain to free himself from the buxom Amazon's deadly embrace, but was unable to overcome her superior strength. He realized his end was coming when his hands tried to pull away the hard rock thighs.

    At the same time, she grabbed the head of the second man with her left arm, bringing it towards her and burying it deep into her cleavage. The massive breasts completely encircled the unfortunate man's head and completely smothered him. Even though she was only using one arm and the man was fighting with all he had to escape, he was unable to overcome her physical supremacy. His screams were totally muffled by the blonde's ample bosom. Samantha felt his power, and became more excited as she sensed that he was giving it all he had, yet he was too weak for her arm. She was reaching climax, by feeling her two once powerful victims vainly trying to free themselves from her deadly body.

    As she increased the pressure, ribs began to crack, until his ribcage was totally shattered and flail. At the same time, the man inside her cleavage became weaker, until he stopped moving and died. With a quick jolt, the dominating young woman flexed her arm and fractured his neck, while a vicious spasm of her vaginal muscles made her thighs contract once more, breaking several ribs at the same time.

    The lustful woman hung on to the dead bodies until she recovered from her orgasm. She was now wet and sweaty. She pushed the two bodies aside with contempt, as if they no longer had any use to her.

    George heard all that. He was all too familiar with the muffling and cracking noises, and knew that the young woman had just executed the two men while climaxing.

    "Samantha, what was that? Are you ok?"

    "Yes, I'm fine! I smothered to death one of those bastards! The other one got a taste of my scissors. All that friction got me wet now!" she said with a moaning voice. He could still hear her breathing heavily.

    George sighed...

    She walked towards Pearson, and placed her thigh high boot against his neck, restraining him once again.

    "Let me know George, when you have confirmed the bunkers' location".

    "Miss Strong, the information Pearson gave us is correct. He's all yours! Oh! and remember, if you want to go get a drink later tonight, I can take you to a really..."

    "I know George, thank you!" the seductive dominatrix interrupted him, leaving him once again with the uncertainty of when or if there would meet again.

    All the 40 male employees at the force, whether they were married or not, were deeply enamored of the stunning female commando. They attempted in vain to take her out, to give her gifts, or do whatever to get her attention. Many of them had proposed. She knew that any of them would give all they had to be her slave, at the snap of her fingers. That they all fantasized about sucking or being imprisoned by her thigh high boots, or by her vigorous thighs. They all knew what she did for a living, and this increased their desires and fantasies.

    Samantha enjoyed this situation, and made sure she would always wear the most immodest, provocative outfits and the highest heels, not only at work, but in her everyday life. She knew all the eyes at the base were on her, and that the guys would spend many sleepless nights thinking about her, while she was fucking some random guy she picked up at a club. She enjoyed knowing that men could not stop thinking about her.

    The unusual thing was that the very men who would like to shower her with gifts and dates, could not match her current assets, even if they put all their lifetime earnings together. Life was unfair. They gathered the intelligence, did all the legwork, so the star would come 3 or 4 of hours a week, whenever she wanted, and get paid what a couple of them would earn in a lifetime.

    She had everything necessary to be powerful: physical power, incredible beauty, gifted intelligence, overwhelming sexual power, and a billion dollars in assets.

    "Ok Pearson, back to where we were. I overpower you, and you beg me for your life... wanna lick my thigh high boots?"

  • mellisa why so long u r not coming with new samantha stories./ also like others may we know how many loser guys lick n clean her boot sole dirt?

  • megan fox??

  • It is hard to decide. The women you mention are all nice, but Samantha has a very important feature which these actresses lack: large breasts.

    Samantha looks more like The Black Canary here

    She is a very beautiful woman, but look how she shatters this man's mouth with her boot.

    Emma Frost is another good candidate because she is blond, tall and has huge breasts

    Power girl's body is exactly how Samantha's is. The only issue with PG is that her hair is short. Otherwise, she is the one. PG's body is a bit more muscular but not that of a bodybuilder. And her boobs are the biggest!!

    Barb Wire could also be the one, as shown in this action figure.

    Pamela Anderson is definitely another good depiction, as when she did the film. If she only were taller…

    If you guys have actresses that look like Samantha, please post!!

  • hey guys which actress u think best for samantha role..? megan fox/charles theron/scarlet/katrina kaif??

  • thats good answer..meliisa…but how many loser men lick her bottom sole dirt?? any assumption?

  • Because she likes it! She loves the look of fear + humiliation on her defeated opponents. She knows she is hot, and that this makes them feel even worse, because even though they'd like to take her, they can't. She loves to feel strong and in total control over their lives.

    Samantha enjoys to see them beg her for their lives, to stop punishing them.

  • why samantha do dat, melissa..?

  • Samantha normally forces her defeated rivals to lick and suck her boots. She also has used the arch of her boots to choke her victims, and her sharp stilettos to torture her fallen opponents. But above all, she uses her heels as a psychological weapon.

    She knows the effect her long legs in sexy boots have on men, and enjoys using them to inflict pain and suffering on them.

  • Samantha must be blond, and of course should have big boobs.

    #1 is Sex Panther. Not only does she meet the 2 conditions above, she also wears the appropriate clothes: leather hot pants, bustiers that show her boobs, thigh high boots, etc. She has also taken 2 guys at a time.

    #2 is Agent XXX. She was in only one film some time ago. Unfortunately her hair was short then, and her fighting skills were poor. But she had the right outfit and the largest boobs of all agents.

    #3 The Mad Ukrainian. I have not seen her in a film, but her physique is like Samantha's. She is blond, and has large boobs.

    #4 Vixen: Great outfits. Blond. She is a great fighter as well. Her boobs are not so large and she rarely shows them.

  • If the subject of the news articles is involved in a big scandal or the photographer gets a great shot of a celebrity doing something really extraordinary, there might be a higher value to the pictures. Every paparazzo dreams of such a scenario. A posed shot is not the goal. The ultimate challenge for the photographer is to catch the famed in normal movements like walking down a street or drinking coffee, giving a child a piggy-back ride, or holding hands with a loved one. There is more compensation for outstanding candid camera shots than for anything posed.

  • Pearson was busy attemtping to alleviate the pressure applied by the woman's boot, while she enjoyed herself and laughed.

    Samantha jammed the front of her boot in his mouth. Pearson's eyes were wide open, showing both fear and helplessness. He felt the pointy toes pressuring and hurting him. The woman contemplated with amusement her victim's haphazard attempts to escape.

    "Stop that!" I want you to suck or I'll hurt you even more!"

    Pearson dutifully complied with her command. He grabbed her foot with both hands and eagerly licked and sucked on her boot. He licked the sole the toes. He tasted the dried blood of his bodyguards on her

    The young woman then introduced her sharp stiletto's in the man's mouth. "Suck, Pearson! Suck or I'll stab you with my heel!"

    After the gorgeous Amazon was satisfied with the man's obedience, she released him from her boot's domination and took a couple of steps back.

    "Get up, you piece of shit! Get up and fight with me like a man!" Samantha challenged him.

    He got to his feet and stood there, contemplating the gorgeous woman that until a few seconds ago had been abusing him.

    "Come on, I'll let you hit me first" she said lowering her arm and exposing her face.

    Pearson still wanted to take this woman, but knew his only chance at defeating her was to use all his strenght and hit her hard.

    He started his attack by throwing a vicious upper cut at her face. The tall Amazon absorbed the hit by turning her head to the side. She wiped her face and taunted him:

    "Is that all you have? You are going to have to do much better if you want to beat me!"

    The man punched her again, this time in her mid section. He felt pain as his fist struck her solid abs.

    "Didn't I tell you not to waste your time hitting me there? That was really stupid! C'mon, I'll tell you what. If you can beat me, I'll let you fuck me! You can have all of me for yourself"

    The powerful dominatrix sensually held her massive breasts to further entice Pearson.

    He jumped at her, but the woman skillfully used his momentum to drop him on the hard floor.
    As he got up, he was greeted by a savage kick to his face that broke his nose. Before he had a chance to realize what had happened, the sexy agent delivered a solid jab to his face, loosening a couple of his teeth.

    Samantha allowed him to regain his composture. She then approached him and kneed him in his gut, forcing him to double over in pain. The woman then straightnened him out with a heinous upper cut. Pearson was catapulted up and fell flat on his back.

    The powerful woman towered over the brutalized man, who was now coughing blood and crawling slowly on the ground. She slowly walked close to him, making loud clicking sounds with her stilettos.

    "Please!" he begged his tormentor. "Don't hurt me anymore! I can't take any more pain!"

    "You can't take anymore? I have not even started to fight! C'mon, you can't be that weak!"

    "George?" she spoke to her earpiece.

    "Yes Miss Strong!"

    "I'm going to bring Pearson into the holding unit. Prepare a cell. He is also going to need to be looked at".

    George did not need to be told that the unfortunate man would need medical attention after being in the hands of agent Samantha Strong.

    "Miss Strong, we'll have everything ready for you".

    Half an hour later, the unmistakable sound of stilettos was heard down the hall. The men at the agency stopped what they were doing and lifted their heads.

    They also heard the grunts and moans of a man who seemed to be in pain.

    An tall, sexy young woman walked in dressed in a provocative outfit. She was brutally dragging a subdued man, who vainly struggled to escape from her custody. The gorgeous Amazon ably secured between his head between her robust left biceps and her hefty breast, which partially covered his face.

    She assertively walked past by the men with her captive, until she reached an open cell. The woman shoved him inside forcefully, making him stumble to the ground.

    The blonde woman sensually walked in the cell, and lifted the battered man by his shirt, placing him against the wall while still holding on to him so his eyes would be at her level and approached him.

    She spoke in a threatening voice.

    "This is your new home Pearson. You will cooperate with us, and give us all the information you need. If I hear anything about you, I'll come and beat the shit out of you again."

    The woman dropped him on the ground and slowly left the cell. Standing at the still open door, she turned her back on Pearson and addressed the still astounded men with a loud and authoritative voice:

    "Here is James Pearson. I don't need to tell you he is a very dangerous man. Do not go in the cell alone under any circumstance. Any interaction with him must be after restraining him. At least three armed men should go inside. I will deal personally with whoever disobeys my orders".

    As she spoke, George reflected on the implausible situation: an extremely dangerous criminal had been brutally subjugated by this incredibly beautiful woman. There she stood: tall, imposing, with her immodest outfit and her sensual thigh high boots, telling us that we could not even get close to him because our lives were in danger, while she could afford to turn her back on him, totally unconcerned about him.

    Such self assuredness could only come from one that knows she holds enormous power.

  • where is the rest :O

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