Kandy Pub Quiz!

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    Myself and Vixen are hosting a charity pub quiz this Sunday night at the Hobgoblin, the kick Ass pub, on Sunday night at 7:30. It's part of the Help For Heroes charity festival and in attendance will be all cast including stuntmen Jonny and Matt and someone called Kix. If you're in London then come in down! 7:30 at the Hobgoblin, White Lion St, Islington. You'll recognise it from many a kandyfilm.

  • Could of come with a bit more of a warning Kman but I'm at someones 40th drinking plentynof booze so HAV a good quiz

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    I'm considering creating a round on the life and times of AJ, Kix and Vixen….i think you may have a distinct advantage. Come on down!!!

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